These days when a cartoon movie comes out, along side all the usual paraphernalia, fabric companies will buy the rights and print fabric to match.  The best place to buy such fabric is JoAnn’s, the independent stores can’t be bothered to carry the fads.

Yes my grandson is still enamored with Spiderman, so I grabbed two prints.P1050080And started my little sweatshop.P1050087Practice makes almost perfect, the collars went in easily as did the sleeves.P1050090I had recently taken the craftsy class, 40 techniques every sewer should know. Btw, can I just state that I am perfectly fine with the term, sewer?  I really dislike sewist – it seems so contrived and elitist, a younger generation has discovered what women have been doing since the dawn of time and they feel the need to give it a new name?                                                     Anyway, one of the best tips was to use a water soluble stabilizer when sewing button holes.P1050088I have always struggled with the buttonhole, yes my machine has about 8 types and it’s own dedicated foot, but for some reason after the first buttonhole (always done on scrap fabric), they get wonky and unruly.  Using the stabilizer really really helped! Yes, I still had a wonky buttonhole (I’ve learned to reset the stitch before every buttonhole – that helps some).P1050100Finished shirt!

I went over to deliver them and Aytan announced (as he had when I showed him the fabric) that the red is his and the blue is for his dad.P1050098He even went and put the blue shirt in Dad’s closet.   No, he wouldn’t put the shirt on at the time, so no photos of him modeling it, but we did take a bike ride down the street to the yogurt shop.IMG_2818



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