I love Thanksgiving, not sure if it’s my favorite holiday, because to be honest, all holidays should be special. But I really love it. All Jewish holidays center around food and a lot of other stuff. So it’s nice to just have the food and guests of course. This year it was just the family – since we are growing (13 of us) I’m fine with that.No pictures of food this year, let’s just say we gobbled like turkeys. So after the meal, it was time to get pictures. Here I am with two sons, one son in law and oldest and youngest grandchildren.Shira, as the only granddaughter ruled the roost. Here she is reading to her cousins, then she declared it was cousins day and all adults were kicked out of the living room.You can clearly see the genetics here! Some of the adults complied, they were happy not to be surrounded by their kids.Mickey is always a winner in this house.

By 7:30 everyone had left, some for home some for shopping. They left behind their kids – it’s part of the tradition, parents go shopping and have a chance to wake up late. Grandsons stay here and have a blast.Another tradition on Friday, walking to the fire station. Why do the grandparents look so happy while the boys don’t?If Cam looks a little uncomfortable it’s cuz he is, he wasn’t so sure about being way up there, all alone, sure his brother was on the other side, but with all that equipment he couldn’t see him.West was much happier, look he even wore the right shirt for the occasion. I love our Fire Station, no. 78, whenever possible they love welcoming the neighbors in.The gorgeous weather in the mid 70s meant we took a hike. This time up in the Verdugo Mountains just off La Tuna Canyon. See, even in So Cal we get some fall colors.Along the path there were areas with large oak trees and shade.Someone is making honey. We had already started out climb at this point.Looking down on all those boxes. This wasn’t even the high point.This is as high as we got. That is the 210 freeway, with La Cresenta in the foreground and La Canada off in the distance.Something has to be done about fire abatement in this state. Fire is natural, but seeing the devastation up north in Paradise, it’s not natural. We as humans are stewards of the earth, and that means clearing brush, thinning forests and controlled burns. Don’t tell me that people should live in those areas – where should we live? On Mars?

Last year there was the Creek Fire, it started near Sylmar and burned through Tujunga and La Tuna Canyon. 30 homes were lost, horses were killed but no people were killed. A year later and we see the results of that fire. Nature is resilient, this tree was burnt, but the core wasn’t destroyed and after some rain in the winter, which ever trees can, are coming back to life.Not all can, many of the hills are bare, and there are areas like this that are just dead. But literally a few feet away, and the chaparral is growing just fine. Fire follows it’s own rules, it can cut quite a path of destruction, and on either side of the fire path – it looks like nothing happened. What I can’t show in pictures is the smell, not as bad as a new fire. But there was a real smell of burnt wood as we walked through these areas.

I’m happy to say that many people were out hiking, or biking. Southern CA has a real outdoor active vibe to it and I’m thrilled we had plenty of company.


The best part of Halloween

All month I’ve been posting images of yard decorations for Halloween. While fun and all, what I really love is the grandkids joy in the fun.We stopped by the pumpkin patch near his school. Ah, the joy of making a grandson happy!Didn’t see this part of the family on Halloween, thank God for phones and pictures. Mama took the picture, I think she wore something pink and fuzzy. How about Mickey Mouse. This was taken at Daycare, they manage to get him to keep the hat on his head.For actual Halloween, he was Mario.

He wasn’t alone. We all walked the neighborhood before the real trick or treating started. Yup, this trio got a lot of high fives and laughs.Getting into the picture. Then it was on to the older grandkids to actually walk around and trick or treat with them.I had no candy whatsoever, none. Quite and accomplishment in itself.

What a blessing to have these grandkids and see them grow.



I can’t believe that this big boy is already 4 years old!Hot wheels party and cake! With his cousin. Notice how creative Mandy is, she wrapped the water bottles with racing flag tape.I have no idea what is going on here, this was right before the cake came out.Brothers helping to decorate the cupcakes.The youngest one couldn’t make it to the party. We missed him.Can’t ignore the kids that provided the grandkids! They work hard raising them!



I used to be a docent at LACMA, now I only go for lectures. First lecture of the touring year, and look what I see in the courtyard. This monkey may be been here for quite a while.Years ago Jeff Coons figured out that these highly polished stainless steel balloon sculptures are his ticket to fame and money. As much as I enjoy them, I can’t call them art. But then by my definition, 90% of what is being shown in museums these days isn’t art.Yes the idea of reflecting something shiny in water is nice, it’s still not art. I haven’t toured at LACMA in years. They are now preparing to close most of the museum for massive renovations. I went for the lecture and to see friends. The lecture was interesting, I’m happy to see they have hired a very capable vibrant yound curator for European art. The friends, well lets just say, as time goes by and I don’t see these people often, the ‘friendship’ part has fallen away. So I feel much less of a pull to brave traffic to go there. That’s ok, I’m building stronger friendships among my quilting friends.Most people wouldn’t call this clown art. I wouldn’t either, but it certainly has much better staying power than the art in the museums. A few years ago I posted pictures of this in the daytime. It is a neon clown, so it deserves the full nighttime image. Although, to be honest, it is much scarier at night.Aytan spent the weekend. His parents got a much deserved weekend in Vegas. His sister was with the other grandma. First thing he said when I picked him up from school on Friday was – make apple pie! So we did. He had pretty good knife skills. I guess I should have peeled the apples…. His mom makes the best apple pie – me no so much. Sorry it’s so blurry, Aytan just took the picture, if it were sharper it would be great. You get what you can.Saturday was soccer, he is getting really good at this, 5 goals.Visiting the best Halloween house in the neighborhood.Seeing a cousin, who looks a little shell-shocked, no worries he’s fine.


Family vacation

In our busy lives it hard to get all the kids and grandkids together. It took a lot of planning to find a date and a location. We ended up going for the weekend to a resort near Legoland. A great time was had by all. The pool and the splash pad were loads of fun.The playgound wasn’t large, but was very different from the ones at home. Westley is becoming quite the climber.This got the biggest workout of all.Some people sat and relaxed.Enjoying time with the Aunt.And others treated it like a roller coaster ride.We did go down to the beach, most of the pictures I took there are on my son’s camera, so I have to wait for him to share.Two gorgeous smiles, with Westley no so sure in the background.Reading books before bed.We made it to Legoland.

Went on a couple of rides and saw the aquarium. The one ride I wouldn’t go on is one I took pictures of.First you go up.Ready for action!Yup, then you get tossed! No thank you!Princess Leah with Princess Leia, I always tell people that my name is like the princess but I had it first. Not only that, I’m still around and she is gone. Oh well, at least the Lego Princess is doing just fine. I like how our hair almost looks the same, just mine isn’t in those silly buns.


Summertime and things are slow

I want to be outside where it is beautiful, not inside sewing.So I took a walk and found a patriotic owl.In front of a simple business, I find this beautiful mosaic floor.Look at that Mariner’s compass!This apartment building is right next to the freeway. The sound wall probably blocks the view, which is a good thing. But I can’t help but wonder who put that lovely furniture up there. Without any railing, there is nothing legal about this. And yet, I wonder, do people go up to this roof?Aytan is a very good photographer, I gave him my small camera, unfortunately, the battery ran out too soon.I had to make a conscious effort to get a picture of Shira. She is always in motion.A project I did make. My friend Roberta always has ‘projects’ for me. She of course takes full credit, while I do the work. Does that make her the artist and me just the apprentice doing the work?  Anyway, very cute project for her grandson, a hooded towel. She promises to send a picture of him wrapped in it, will be much cuter than me.


Busy week

First of all, I want to share the quilts of Valor that Ruth, Irene and I made.We worked off the same pattern Storm at Sea. You can see how color placement changes everything. This is one of those things I love so much about quilting. Our fabric choices and placement make all the difference.My quilt.Irene’s’ quilt, she is hiding behind the quilt, that is Ruth peaking out.Ruth’s quilt. She worked with a design program (not EQ) and came up with this stunning version.  So now, we are mailing them off and since there is always a waiting list for quilts for veterans, I’m sure they will find good homes very soon.It’s springtime, which means spring break. So the cousins went to Griffith Park to ride the ponies.Then there was the train ride, no pictures.Shira does love being a big cousin.

Passover started this week, I was very busy cooking. Thursday night we went out to have our last meal with bread for the week.Beer is liquid bread.Any healthy eating habits go out the window on Passover. This is a must, Maztah with peanut butter and Israeli chocolate spread. When my kids were little, they took sandwhiches with this spread to school. These days it’s a once a year treat.Eyal had a good time as well, he tried the matzah, what he really liked was the chopped liver.


Two kinds of knits

I love knit fabric, especially one that is mostly rayon. And look at that print, those roses! This took two hours to make, I love my serger. The only thing I did on my sewing machine was sew the hems.The sun is in her eyes, otherwise, I can assure you, very happy granddaughter. Look how her shoes match perfectly.Who doesn’t love a dress that twirls?

And then there is the knitting that takes a long long time.Another shawl, although, sadly, despite all the work, it’s more like a scarf than a shawl, it does cover my shoulders, but not enough.Knitting with two yarns takes longer than just one. The narrow bands are one skein that gradually changes color.Interesting shaping, which is what attracted me in the first place. I’ve already wound up another ball of yarn, even if my knitting has slowed down a lot, I have to have a project on hand.



Life has been busy with these five. They all have been growing.Aytan took this selfie,As well as this one.Shira is always in motion, which is why my pictures of her are a few months old.Two little chefs.A fireman.Boys and their trucks.Fun with grandparents.Eating solid foods, he’s ok with the broccoliYes, this is what I call heaven, the only way to get him to sleep was rocking in my recliner.


Santa Monica Airport

If you can’t beat them, join them.

My son lives under the path flight of Santa Monica Airport. There are many reasons not to be happy about that, but until they supposedly close it down, you live with it. So recently he told me about the observation deck. If you can’t beat them, join them. So Cam and I went to pay a visit.There may be a few commercial flights. Most of the planes are private. Also, most of the people who live under the flight path are in LA, no Santa Monica, so really Santa Monica doesn’t care.Here we are, up on the deck, feet away from the runway. I met a nice young man who was so enthusiastic about airplanes and airports. It was a pleasure talking to him, he knew the whole history of this airstrip.This plane idled for a while before getting the ok to take off. The command tower is broadcast from speakers, so it’s the whole experience.Here is it, getting ready to take off.Coming in for a landing!Across the runway is the terminal. How iconic is this picture?  Palm trees and a clear sky in February.A lot of wealthy people store their planes here. Some clearly aren’t quite in working condition. There are plenty of businesses here that cater to the small airplanes.

I think I was much more interested than Cam. This is what he really wanted to do. Luckily for us, this little park is right next to the airport, on city land. a perfect way to end the day.