Time for flowers

A break from history and beautiful landscapes, lets look closely at the many spring flowers that were blooming because of all that rain!

These were for sale at one of the many open air markets. I’m hoping that plenty of people will be planting them in their gardens.

Or like this, on balconies and window sills.

Talk about not letting much sunshine in!

Smart people, plant some herbs.

How about above the window. This was up north in the town of Rovinj, so they probably get some rain year round, otherwise, I don’t know how they water these. I also like the horse shoe- good luck

This apartment building must have a requirement that everyone have plants on the balcony. How lovely is this!

miniature lemons and olive trees at the market.

There were flowering trees on the streets of the cities.

Scotch Broom which is apparently where Split gets its’ name from.

Plenty of Sabras – the Prickly pear that originates in Mexico. this one is very unusual – I’m used to seeing the flower and the fruit along the sides of the paddles, but here they are growing on the face. Looks like it’s about to bloom, will be very pretty.

One of these is a daisy, not sure about the other, but it is beautiful

Wild poppies, or what I think of as Calanit – which grows in the spring in Israel as well- expect that means March, not May. These were all over some of the hillsides.

Pink pincushions and a tiny little flower. I had to put my expensive lens to work on the small details.

Amarylis and roses, saw a lot of these. and now, back to our regular program of sites and scenes.


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