Ljublianja mostly architecture

This building is stunning. I wonder how often they have to refresh the paint.

Detail, because. I’ve tried doing some basic research, like why these buildings are painted, not finding much and not in the mood to dig deeper, so just enjoy

It is in a row of lovely Art Nuveaux buildings. Although, on the other side there is a modern building – such is life – there was a time and place for this level of decoration. Btw, in my neighborhood someone decorated an apartment building with some Art Deco elements – the purists scoff! Faux Deco! So you can’t win, you can’t save all the old and if you try to create some beauty you get ridiculed. No wonder most modern buildings are -meh.

On the main square. btw, cars aren’t allowed here, but early in the morning, the delivery trucks come in mass – two hours later and the square is packed with people. All three buildings are nice, of course my favorite is on the left.

Because of the color of course, I need to refer back to these when I quilt or stitch.

Ahh, those details! Below the second window looks like there is a place for flags, none were flying when I was there.

The roofline, true to Art Nuveaux or Beaux Arts as well call it in the US, large overhanging roof.

Franciscan Church, right on the square, the images are painted, not mosaic.

Yup, even ice old buildings get graffiti, grrrr.

The Old fashioned department store.

With the glass canopy over the entrance.

Look at the staircase inside.

Nobody builds or decorates like this anymore. One thing not to do, is look at the prices. I saw shoes for 400 Euro… designer athletic shoes… at that point I stopped looking at the merchandise. No, I had no intention of buying anything, but I was getting heartburn just from the price.

A river runs through town.

What a nice way to get around.

I do not like graffiti, I know, this in itself is a form of graffiti, and yet, here I soften. It is small, unobtrusive, and as you will see later, graffiti has been with us forever. If these little mosaics survive, that is ok by me. also, they are mosaics.


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