St. Patricks Day

I’m not Irish, I have plenty of holidays of my own. We have friends who used to have a St. Patricks day dinner every year – Jewish like us – but he loved to smoke meat. So home made corned beef, boiled cabbage and tasteless soda bread it was. Oh and beer or other Irish whiskey. But the lockdown put an end to that, and I’m sorry, simply because getting together with friends was fun.

So this year, on the 16th I’m with my grandsons and I asked them if anything is happening. Westley proudly tells me that he checked on Google and it turns out that leprechauns love to eat wild flowers.

So, we went to the Greenbelt, what was originally meant to be a tramcar railway – but now thankfully is a lovely walking, jogging, dog walkway surrounded by green. Yes, they are plenty of flowers this time of year. Of course one will always find the dandelion, CA poppy, ice plant flower, daisies and other flowers. This was just the beginning, we filled the bag! One reason is that Cameron pulled some plants out by the root – oops

Here is the house they built. Look at that ladder and shoot. I hope the picture of the dinosaur that Cam drew doesn’t scare away the leprechaun. This is what happens when you limit screen time. As in, no TV, tablets are used for reading or for checking things out on google. These boys spend a lot of time being creative – it is wonderful.

Cam loves wearing his soccer uniform, even when there is no soccer. It may be hard to see, he made a little tray with a handle and is filling it with flowers.

Not sure what the water bottle doesn’t, but look at all the decorations. The doorway even has a popsicle stitch frame.

Stuffed to the gills.

An added welcome note.

Written by the first grader – expected spelling mistakes.

I called the next evening, so what happened? Well, the leprechaun had visited their school and made something of a mess – leaving green footprints.

At home Abba had gone off to Costco, so the house was empty, upon his return there was a mess around the house, the number of flowers had decreased.

Also, he wrote on the note that his name is Sparky!!!

On Passover I’m going to explain that when Elijah visits, they have to look very closely and see that some of the wine in his glass disappears!

Completely different holiday, someone finally got around to getting rid of their pumpkin, well not exactly getting rid of, it is outside the trash can.


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