Making a ‘small’

I work on very large projects, in all of my crafts, from knitting, quilting and now cross-stitch. So every once in a while it is fun to make a project that goes very quickly. In Cross-stitch, they call this a small.

Heart in Hand has a series of Tiny Towns. Apparently they had a new town release at Nashville Needle Market. I was interested in their owl Patriotic Tiny town. I would been happy if this was a PDF download, but no it’s a paper pattern. Turns out it comes with 3 tiny buttons. so that it why.

I had a scrap leftover. So lets’ see if I can make this work. I made a crease for the center (which is marked on the pattern. And I counted out 80 stitches on one side. making a large hole every 10 stitches, just to make the counting easier, it fit. Woo Hoo! I can go ahead and start.

I looked through my cotton threads to find colors, The dark blue and white are actually what the pattern calls for! That means with all my projects I am building up quite a thread collection. This one is going very very quickly.

Yup, there was a mistake or two, but who cares. Its’ lovely, it’s a cute town. After I pulled the threads to cut the top and bottom I worried that I may have cut it too close. I am making the drum, and I remembered most of what I learned from Vonnas’ You Tube. Just be careful with the sewing and it will be all right.

Lets get artistic with the camera angle.

Perfect fabric for the top and bottom. If you look closely you can see the three little buttons in the centers of the whirligigs. Yes, those button do add some pizzazz. I didn’t put this into MarkupRXP, I just worked off the paper pattern. It was small enough and simply enough to do it that way.

The making of the drum. Thankfully I know how to use a compass, it took a few tries to get the bottom and top sizes correct. I attached the bottom by machine and started filling with both fiberfill and walnut shells.

I sewed the top on by hand, you will see in the next picture there is one final row of stitches to finish the top off.

Here we go, I now have to decorations for the 4th of July! I’m open to more. I like the idea of decorating for Independence Day!

Also, I’ll be making more smalls, they go quickly, they are fun!


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