Palm Springs Air Museum

I know, the museum has been there forever and I just discover it now. Need to go back some time without kids, because I’d love to read more about the exhibits.

It is right next to the Palm Springs Airport. One thing I did learn that it was built in the late 30s and as soon as it as finished, it was 1942 and the Army commandeered it for the military. So there is a lot of military history here.

This is not a military plane, I think this one brought the movie stars down to the desert. As I mentioned, running after kids means not reading too many labels.

This on the other hand certainly is. A little beefcake and all the hits on Nazi targets painted right on the plane.

Plenty of pretty women went off to bomb the Germans.

Of course this is one of the prettiest girls, next to the plane, not on it. Yes, her cute cousin almost made it into the picture.

Plenty of artifacts relating to the air war .

A whole section dedicated to the Tuskegee Airmen, there was also a whole section dedicated to the women who flew in WWII.


, the grandson is also very cute.

It is really nice that there were planes, trucks and a few other things that the kids could climb into. It looks like they have a classroom where they bring school kids. Much more fun than an art museum…. says the former art museum docent.

everybody getting in on the action!

I’m totally with Eyal here, take off that mask!

I think these adults were hiding from the kids at this point.

This was the Korean War and Vietnam war hanger. up on the wall, the M.A.S.H helicopter as in the real thing, not just for the TV show.

An old plane, the mountains and even snow. The amazing Cochella valley.

going through these pictures again just makes me want to go and actually spend time here. There were docents, older men, who had probably served in Vietnam, yup, those guys are already in their late 70s.

I’m glad someone put this museum together and that it was busy with visitors. Till next time.


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