Another Biscornu

I finished my 2021 projects, I have two waiting for 2022. So meanwhile, lets make another biscornu. I’m not thrilled with the blue and white, blue and silver that defines Jewish art. So I went with something else I feel is a very Jewish symbol. The pomegranate.

We have the seven fruits of the land of Israel – Wheat, Oats, grapes, figs, pomegranate, olive and dates. There are a lot of pomegranate designs out there, at some point I need to find the others.

This was was pretty dense, I did enjoy it though.

Sewing it together, as you can see it is basically two squares, you sew point to center of a seam. That way instead of 4 corners you get 8.

As you combine the two, the shape begins to form.

Here it is, stuffed with fiberfill.

Often there is a top side and a bottom, in this case, both are very intricate and both relate to the pomegranate. I’m not done yet.

Adding a button on both sides and pulling them tight. now the shape has even more dimension to it.

From this angle – it’s all pomegranates – of different styles.

A few months ago I made my first biscornu, looks like I may end up with quite a collection….

The smaller has a definite backside, the larger one doesn’t.

For the smaller one I used Aida, I really don’t like Aida, it is hard on my hands.

The larger one is on an even weave, easy to work with, although these days I’m using mostly linen. But for this kind of project – it was perfect. I also just used threads I have on hand.

I am now kitting up my Mirabilia and boy, am I going to have a lot of new colors to chose from! This is one of my 2022 starts, although I think I might start it today, because, I can and there are no rules.


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