Another year, another Christmas, nope, not my holiday, Hanukkah came early this year, so there wasn’t even overlap. But I love this season, as the light fades from the world this is a holiday that brings it all back. I ADORE Christmas lights, if only because in the long dark nights – it is a true sign of cheer.

So off we went to see the lights.

Everyone is sharing pictures of this house, they must store these plastic decorations in a large warehouse. Oh, and the choir actually sings.

Santa, warm inside.

We drove around and saw plenty of other lovely lights. You can’t really take good pictures of them and I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

Guess where we found the best display? right in our own neighborhood, the same house that had the best Halloween decorations.

Yup! Star Wars themed decorations! No, I’m not a Star Wars Fan, even though my son was born on May the 4th. I just love how someone takes a theme like this and runs with it.

Unlike the house with the plastic figures, these are inflatable, so they will be easier to store.

A neighbor who used to decorate for every single holiday, moved away, that house is now just dark. But here is a lovely bright wreath!

Looks like another neighbor had a snow party! The cold makes the snow stay, but all the rains must have washed a lot of this away.

Wonderful Christmas dinner with great friends, look at this amazing white Christmas Tree!

And see we are with our reindeer antlers, and an amazing dinner awaiting to be eaten. Sorry about the blob, there are some items on the back wall the host didn’t want to be seen.


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