I have finished the sampler Ceesie Smitt.

This is where I was about 2 weeks ago, and now I’m done!

Here we go! done! I love this so much, I can see doing more samplers that have this kind of symmetry and open space. You’ll notice, the only none-symmetry are two flower pots below the numbers. I love that, a little breaking of the rules.

Also, these are the realistic colors, the next few pictures, I’ve lightened the images up some.

Here I am, way down in the corner, putting in my initials and the year. I had a new friend over the other day and she told me that she and some friends stayed in a rental – and she was amazed by the samplers on the wall. I had to inform her, they are wonderful, but what she saw was reproductions by people like me. No way these were originals, as 150 years old.

Some close-ups. Yes, I had to frog many stitches, but its’ worth it. I know, mistakes happen, but at some point, I want to be as accurate as possible.

So here is an interesting mistake that Ceesie made. Notice if you look at the numbers, she went from 7 to 9, but when it came to the year – no problem with the 8 in the year. So I think she simply forgot it in the row of numbers.

My friend Paige left a Thanksgiving chart last Sunday, I had to start immediately. I’d like it finished for the holiday. I will also be working on my Fruit of Plenty SAL so, we’ll see.

I’m also working on a quilt, this is my New England fall colors quilt. I initially thought I’d use green backgrounds through out. It would hav been too green, so I’m mixing it up. I am also throwing in some blue, because blue sky is part of the deal. Grey is as well, but I think I’ll skip that.

I even cleaned up a bit for a fellow quilter who visited. As you can see, I’m using mostly Sew Kind of Wonderful patterns. I’m loving this so far.

And just now, the November section of the Fruits of plenty has dropped! Off I go!


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