Beautiful Vermont

It is very fitting to have this mural on a wall in Burlington VT, with the church in the background.

A lot of cheese gets made here, I won’t talk about a certain Ice-Cream company, they have decided to boycott one country – Israel – because of their moral superiority . Luckily I found some other maple ice cream that was delicious.

A top the railroad station in Burlington, is this goblin permanent or is this just for Halloween?

View from the other side of the station. Btw, I don’t think this station is a train station anymore.

Then it was a visit to Shelburne Farm. This is the barn, what I’d call a mansion.

Its more than just a barn, all kind of activities go on here, like cheese making. School children come from all over to learn about farming here.

Love the textures. Yes, we bought some yummy local cheddar cheese here. It was delicious

This wonderful store is in the town of Shelburne. I’m pretty sure the famous Vermont Country store is much much larger, but this place was delightful. Offering everything one would want – or not.

We stopped at the Shelburne outdoor museum. I was extremely disappointed, the quilt exhibit, which is the reason I went there is closed for renovations. Why they couldn’t have said something on their website?? Oh right, then I wouldn’t have gone and paid my entrance fee. Its’ a large area with homes, church, businesses – sort of like Strawberry Banke – but less authentic. So here is a church. I did see a few quilts, I’ll talk about them later.

We spent the night at this lovely Bed and Breakfast. A victorian home which was nicely refurbished.

Its’ always a little bit of a risk to stay in a Bed and breakfast. The upside, a beautiful home, lovely amenities – incredible breakfast. Talk to other nice guests. The downside, when I booked, I was told we have a private bathroom – we did, but it was down the hall. Its’ nice not to be in a cookie cutter hotel room. But there always is a price to pay.

More historic Vermont homes.

Looks like the Flocked phenomenon is nationwide!


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