Always discovering something new

I took the road lest travelled, went off the main road and found something I’d never seen before.

A small traffic circle in the middle of a residential area. Hmm, unusual. I had to come back and investigate.

Van Nuys is one of the largest, oldest communities in the Valley. At one point it was it’s own city, until the early teens of the twentieth century when 160 votes made the valley part of the city of Los Angeles so they could get water from the LA Aqueduct.

Someone put up a little library. Now it is time to walk around and see the neighborhood.

Cute little old houses in good condition.

Some of the older homes are looking their age.

A Spanish style home with wonderful statuary throughout the front yard.

This is very much something that happens in Van Nuys, a whole lot of cute animals, even my friends have done this.

What a lovely corner, I hope they sit out here. Notice the wonderful breezeway style open concrete blocks. Very mid century.

I know this area has been designated as an historical area, but look like a home was turndown, not sure how long this lot has looked like this and what they will actually be able to build here.

Yes this is Archwood street, certain sections of this street are known, aparently Marilyn Monroe lived here as a child, probably along this stretch which is how they got the historic designation.

I love details that how people care. I’m sure this fence is new, but they took care to make it pretty.

There aren’t many Craftsman homes in the valley and here the yard is sort of a mess. but it looks like the home is in good condition.

This isn’t the height of Craftsman, but it has the important elements, a front porch. The colors are correct. Symmetry, the porch is is the middle. The windows have interesting details. I’m always happy to see this.

Next week, when I pick up my granddaughter from daycare near here, I need to stop and take some pictures of a few old homes from the original Van Nuys community, there is a certain look that was built here and is rapidly disappearing. The old is always being replaced by the new. So let me document what I can.


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