back on track

It took me six weeks to redo all of the Fruits of Plenty SAL, and that includes the months of April and May. Btw, many mistakes were made, some corrected, some not.

Here I am working on May, I ended up finishing May before I went back to March.

I had something wonky happen with this octagon, won’t point out what it was. but I was concerned the pattern wouldn’t fit, so I started from the bottom to meet up in the middle. Yes, there is a mistake here that I later corrected. I am hoping that I am calmer in June, only working on one segment and I won’t feel rushed – which of course leads to mistakes.

Done! Yes I did a little extra, but then I stopped. I have other projects. Yes, I am absolutely loving this. Amazing pattern, I love the colors. I do have to say, the navy blue sheds a lot of lint and tangles more – probably something to do with the dye. Dark dyes will do that. I adore the violet, truly.

I’ve been having problems with my knitting. My friend reminded me that this pattern comes with a tutorial on Craftsy, that helped. I still hate the way she wrote the pattern, but at least I am back on track.

I found a wonderful tutorial on making project bags. From I learned how to use the backing as the binding while making very neat mitered corners!

Sewing fabric from a friend who was moving and gave me some of her old stash.

I bought this sampler as a PDF, because it is so goofy! I am very happy to say, it works with Patten Keeper.

There are 25 colors, I went through all of my floss and found some matches, so I didn’t have to order as many threads. With the craziness of the pattern, subtlety isn’t an issue here.

I had ordered the linen, I have a printout of the pattern, I have the pattern on the tablet. Threads are ready to go. I guess I’m not a monogamous stitcher anymore. Although, I’m still at the stage of one SAL and one extra project.


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