Still working on sweater and quilt

As the wuflu ramps up again, (remember flu season? Even if this is not a flu, these kind of diseases kick in when the weather gets cold). Grandma and me started up again, it was a delight to take Einav back here. One other girl, her exact age, also a red head came back as well. Scarlett was all over Einav, in some ways a little too much, but for us grandmas, it was great to see.

That is teacher Julie, telling the stories. I am so proud, before the lockdown, or maybe during the lockdown (the lockdown hasn’t ended here btw). We must have discussed embroidery – well Julie has started to embroider and she is hooked. I am so happy for her and so proud of my influence.

She is at the drunken sailor stage of walking, this will pass too quickly! The sweater is one I made for her brother, he wasn’t happy to see it one her. I don’t know that he wore it much, its’ perfect for her, for maybe another month.

Speaking of sweaters, I frogged what I had started, it all just felt too big, went down a size and started over.

There is a formula for this style of yoke. Basically, every 2.5″ there is a row of increases. As the yoke grows, there are less increases, so the shape remains. I needed to plan those increases in the solid rows between patterns. so the first one happened on the first white row at the top. Then after the blue plus signs, another row of increases.

Larger diamonds and more increases.

I have now put the sleeves on waste yarn and am working on the body of the sweater. One thing that will repeat often is the blue band with the white beads. Also, the center band is there for steeking, this will be a cardigan, not a pullover. A lot of planning going into this project.

Yay! I’m done with needing patterns to fit into 2.5″ increments, so now I can add in a large pattern. Yes, many mistakes are being made, some are corrected, some are ignored, but all in all I really love this project.

On the quilt, there are three bands of zigzags that are different from what I’ve done so far.

Only five left to go! I can’t wait, I just want to put this together already! Although I do have another Judy Niemeyer pattern, I think it’s going to be a while before I do it. Paper piecing is amazing, but I’m ready for something else. You will find out soon what that something else is. There are no idle hands here.


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