A week of silence

This has been a hard week for me. The elections were crazy. Yes, I voted for Trump, but what is bothering me much more is the cheating and fraud that is going on with elections in America. I live in CA, I’ve known for a while that things are rigged here. It really became obvious with the propositions. So many people voted down the most progressive propositions, but the needle never budged on the big ticket items on the ballot. We have had massive Trump rallies, but no, none of that even showed up in the results. Of course we weren’t going to change CA to red, but a little more purple? So yeah, regrouping. I have this blog with maybe 10 followers, (Bloglovin tells me I have over 230 but they are all porn bots) so I will speak my mind here. All social media, FB, Twitter, IG are censoring conservatives. I’m not turning this into a political blog, but when I feel the need I will speak my mind.

I am SO proud of my kids, They bought a house up in Big Bear and fixed it up so beautifully, the spent a lot of money and effort to create a beautiful retreat.

For rental info, check here: The Getaway at Big Bear.

Everything is new, clean and very very bright. Not your typical run down mountain cabin.

One thing they did was remove some walls and doorways, the feel is wide open now and the fireplace is delightful, it is gas, which is easy to use and is quite warm.

Large kitchen and after this was taken, they replaced the stove. People are already coming up for Thanksgiving, they need a good stove in which to roast their turkey. Did I mention how proud I am? My kids are not trying to cut corners, they are trying to run a very good quality business.

Lovely back yard. There is open space behind them which is nice and that mountain there is one of the ski slopes. Also, The house is one mile above Quilty Pleasures… for any quilters out there.

Same view as the snow started falling. We were the first guests this weekend. We had seen the place when they first bought it, so we really saw the transformation. Also, being up there, I was able to to use things and point out what needed to be fixed. Like the shower wasn’t hot enough, or a door stuck too much. All the little things that need attention.

It snowed heavily all weekend!

The boys got busy, although within a few hours everything was covered up.

Taking a picture of falling snow really doesn’t work.

I used the slo-mo function on video, yup it really snowed.

We ended up driving the back road down the hill through Victorville, luckily we had invested in chains, and my son drove down in his fourwheel drive with us. Not a lot of traffic, no problems. I’m not sure I’ll be going back in the winter, I’d never say never, but warmer weather is more my style.


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