Getting closer to some finishes

Still a lot of knitting and quilting going on.

To the untrained eye, this looks no different from the last picture I shared. The difference is I started the second border.

I am very impatient, I want to finish this already. So I’ve been knitting the border while watching You Tube or even reading online. Not a good idea. Of course I’ve been making a lot of mistakes

I discovered a mistake a few rows back. Tried to work within the small area and weave the correct stitches back up. Not a good idea, especially in stranded knitting. I realized that quickly, so here I am, I’ve frogged a few rows and am painstakingly picking up the stitches. Lucky for me, the yarn holds it’s definition, so I didn’t have too much of a problem picking up the stitches. My problem was, I did this to myself twice, I was in such a hurry.

I played yarn chicken and lost. You can see the small tail, you can also see all that I have left to bind off. Part of me wishes it had happened a few rows earlier, so I added yarn at the end here, but the good thing is this. I then had to pick up stitches along the edge for the edge border.

Here we are, most of the afghan finished, just need to pick up stitches and knit the two side borders. I really should have stopped and rested here, but no, I had to push on.

Had to take a break, my wrist and hand were hurting. A good night sleep has helped. This is Southwick yarn from Valley Yarns, the Webs yarn company. It’s cotton and bamboo. Very nice and soft and not too heavy.

And now, onto the quilt, don’t these eggplants look perfect as inspiration for the quilt! Didn’t buy them, I don’t think they taste any different, but they sure are beautiful.

I love making scrappy quilts with a purpose. I do plan out each block. It is very much based on the blocks around it. This one is super scrappy, some fabrics repeat, but only a few. I could go on with this one for a long time. My plan was to do four by four blocks.

Once I got to three by four I realize this is a good size for a baby. So as much as I’ve loved making these blocks, its’ time to move on. I’m not done with the quilt top. I want to appliqué a bunch of grapes on here.

So I downloaded some images. I really like the one on the right. The shape of the grapes is natural. I don’t think it will become an exact copy, but who knows, this is pretty perfect for my design idea.

Here is an idea for embroidery on the back label. I’ve been following Mary Corbets blog forever, but a friend noticed this and sent it to me. I might eliminate the wheat.

Look who moved into the neighborhood! A Cooper Hawk. Sorry the image is fuzzy, I was in my car and this guy was sitting on the fence by the driveway. I was able to roll down my window and take the picture, of course I’ve cropped it. So it is a little fuzzy. I was wondering if he was going to go after the hummingbirds. They are still around, one jackass has taken control and won’t let anyone near the feeder. And yet, I still see the little guy scaring away the others. If there are rats or mice around the house I hope the hawk is feasting away.


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