A wonderful Memorial Day weekend

We didn’t have a lot of plans for the weekend, some friends visiting from DC for dinner on Friday night, a play on Saturday night. Then my son asked it the four of them could camp at our house instead of going to a campground, as they had originally planned. Since moving to their new home, it’s been like camping, although the kitchen is taking shape – that will make a huge difference.

So from a quiet weekend, we need up very busy. I just love it when people go all out with patriotic decorations.

We started at the Greek festival at St. Nicholas in Northridge. Quite an adventuresome climber we have here.

Coming down from the wall is just as fun as climbing up.

Cam went down a big slide. Although he may look terrified here, this is how he really felt.

He loved it!!!

We ate Gyros and the boys danced…

and danced…

and danced!!! I saw my friend Marlene there, she literally danced till 8 pm.

On Memorial Day itself we went to Fiesta Hermosa. Got a little history lesson on the pier. HB is 112 years old!

The town and air were packed with people enjoying the day.

Checking out Toyotas’ outrigger. We could have gone over to Kings Harbor a few miles away for the real experience.

We stuck with the photo shoot.

Easy enough, even for a dog!

Look how gorgeous this beach is!!!

So lucky that my kids I’ve here and I can visit often. Although, parking here in the summer isn’t easy.

A local gull pointing out the rules of the pier. Manhattan Beach Pier, off in the distance, with Santa Monica and Malibu at the other end of the bay.

Yes, I’m truly blessed.


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