Still sewing

I’ve been sewing more clothes, but am not able to wear them yet because it’s cold! It even rained a lot the other day, in late May!

A quick skirt. If summer ever arrives, I need to make more of these. Many of my older skirts are showing their age.

for me, summer is skirts and dresses.

The fabric is from a line of Downton Abbey Prints, I don’t quite get the vibe, but I wear a lot of blue and it is a nice print.

My camera is so good, I can simply crop the images and the resulting image is just as sharp. Maybe too sharp? I know, for 60 I like very good, but it is a little surprising to see all the wrinkles and blemishes. I remind myself, this is what the camera sees, this isn’t what the world sees.

You know what, even if everyone saw all the little details, I look mighty good. I never wanted surgery, or botox or things like that. I fool myself with cremes and other ‘anti-aging’ products. One thing I do is always have sunscreen on my face. Have since I was 20 years old. So what if the crows feet show up when I smile, the smile itself is worth it. Ahh, the dangers of a camera that captures every detail.

I’ve started a hand applique, Baltimore Ablum style quilt. Btw, the background fabric has much more purple in it.

I’m still loving the macro lens. Look at that silk thread, the tiny needle, the bee!

I am using the appliquick method, it works for me. I love how smoothly everything goes.

I found this block on Barbara Brackmans’ blog Civil War Quilts. I also have a few books with Baltimore Album patterns. I’m sure I will be mixing and matching, I have the feeling that when it comes to setting everything together, it will look very different from a traditional Album quilt.


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