Just a street in the San Gabriel Valley

I’m just walking up and down a street in South Pasadena. This part of the LA basin looks so different from other parts of the city. The craftsman bungalow is very prominent here.

On this street, the ‘bungalows’ tend to be larger, two story homes. One thing that is very particular to San Gabriel valley is the use of local rocks. here both on the porch and the chimney.

The deep colors, greens, grays. The deep eaves. Here brick is used instead of stone, love the irregular size and shape.

With all the rains, everyones’ gardens are looking so green and lush. The Windows are divided into four sections, sometimes you’ll see three. The upper panes are also divided.

Loving these coulmns, with their shingles. Deep front porches are common, the balcony above, not so much.

OMG, this front yard! and once again, a deep front porch.

Here is what was a traditional craftsman bungalow, yet look at the new roof, it is sort of a storybook roof. I actually enjoy seeing how many of these old homes are upgraded in the fashion that the residents enjoy. These are homes, they should be changed and lived in.

Another craftsman that was somewhat changed and updated. The thick window frames are traditional. The colors are still muted, but much lighter and brighter.

I’d almost call this home a simple ranch with a few craftsman details.

And here we have a house that isn’t craftsman at all.

Or this one. This is why I have a problem with the newer tract homes that were build since the 70s. One small street and you have different styles. Something that we have lost.

Same house from another angle. I had so much fun doing this, I need to visit more streets and just give you a tour of the homes.


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