Comparing cameras

Iphone vs. Sony A7lll.

Iphone, very very nice, also, very close to the flower.

Sony, biggest difference, the background is blurred and the edges of the flower are somewhat blurred, I could have used a larger aperture.

Iphone, great crisp detail.

Sony, blurred background, I think the rose is just as sharp


Sony, captured the colors a little differently.

iPhone pink rose.

Oops, My focus didn’t work too well on this image from the Sony.

I had already cut the flower and brought it inside, so second attempt in slightly different circumstances.

The verdict? That iPhone is really good! especially in great light and with close up of flowers. I will continue to use my macro lens and enjoy the SonyA7III, it’s just nice to know how good the iPhone is when I am out and about and don’t have my other camera with me.


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