Mother’s Day

I am so blessed to have all my kids and grandkids nearby. Really blessed, which is why I spend so much time helping them out. I have too many friends who either don’t have grandkids or they are far away and they only see them a few times a year. For years our tradition has been to go for a hike and have a picnic. The thought of a restaurant – yikes! Shivers!

Nothing better than this! We went to the Japanese Garden in the Sepulveda Dam area in the San Fernando Valley. This is right next to a very large water reclamation plant. Yes, it can have some unpleasant odors, but the garden is lovely.

With a large group, we got separated from time to time. It’s all good, this way I could look across a waterway and snap pictures.

Aytan with his uncle Yishai and a goose! He really wanted to get a picture with a goose.

Here he is with the goose.

I adore this, all five of them together.

Mother and son, always warms my heart. Btw, I only appear in the first picture. We brought a tripod, but were not allowed to bring it into the garden. So we set it up outside, set the timer and I ran into the picture.

We crossed the road to an open park and had our picnic as well as fun with the kids. Eyal loves bubbles.

Aytan was playing with an airplane, all of these items from the dollar store. I love the dollar store, it makes buying stuff so easy.

Becky bought these items. She bought some kites. There was only a slight breeze.

Aytan and Shira running with them, she actually did get it up in the air for a while.

She makes friends so easily, she gave one to another little boy. We left before his family did, we said no problem, keep the kite. Did I mention I love the dollar store?

Joel ran with the kites as well. Elk and Mandy had to leave before the picnic, having just moved into a new home, there are a lot of issues. I am so grateful they came for the walk in the garden.

So I only got family pictures of two of the families. I’m sure I’ll get pictures of the others soon.

You can see how blessed I am and I know it. I thank God every day for these blessings.


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