Finished another quilt top, I’m itching to quilt them, I now have three…

I started working on a girl quilt. I chose a pink background.

All the parts come together.

There are a lot of irregularities, but when you look at the overall design, you just see what looks like a cross stitch pattern.

The whole quilt.

Girl and boy, side by side.

I have been organizing the sewing room. I bought some small plastic zip bags, I think I might need some more.

I should have done this years ago, a pouch for elastic, a pouch for ribbon…

I need some more pouches, the zippers are a mess…

I ended up keeping some of the plastic containers, the clothes patterns fit perfectly on top of the dressers. I still haven’t filled all the drawers but…

Sure, I could sweep the floor! But look all empty and clean!

Right now I have the ironing board in the middle of the room and I’m loving it! Soon the cutting table will be much cleaner as well, that is once I get the tables….


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