using the seam ripper, more than the sewing machine

Some people design quilts on computer programs or just with paper and colored pencils. I design while sewing, which means there are plenty of ripping out sections of blocks and redoing them.

This is where we left off, I had created a large star out of the light red print. I was very pleased with that, but then wasn’t happy with the upper corner, it just felt too dark.

As you can see, I replaced the solid red with a brighter print. Adds more depth and dimension.

I had one center block, I decided to make sure there was more white than red.

On the side I repeated those two blocks.

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t happy with then, bring out the seam ripper again.

Just by narrowing down the center diamonds I feel that there is more interest here. I think I have an outer border that will be mostly white. It short of feels unfinished right here.

Blowing in the wind. I won’t be quilting this until I get my new Koala table, and that could be a while…


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