Learning new lenses

I know, not everyone wants to see the learning curve of a new camera. So feel free to skip, although, cute picture of grandson at the end of the post!

So after shooting close ups with my macro lens, I figured it was time to go to You Tube and learn more about this lens. Turns out, I can get some pretty good shots that aren’t macro. It’s pays to educate myself.

My garden sculpture, everything is looking sharp. I’m wondering if I would have gotten those rays of light with the regular lens. I don’t think so.

Moving in closer, but still on F8, (sorry about camera jargon), the totem is in focus, most of the background is as well. I like this.

Went down to the smallest appetite and the background is fading out. But the image is so sharp, you can see the cobwebs.

What the naked eye doesn’t see, the camera captures! You’d think the rain would have washed this clean, I guess not.

Looks like we will have a few more days of rain, I’m hoping to get out with this lens and take both wide shots and macro ones.

Now here is what is really important, my grandson.

There is a feature on this camera that locks the focus point on the eyes, woah! I’m impressed, also, isn’t he the cutest ever??

Years ago, at craft fairs, one could find dolls that looked like this. They didn’t have a head, and you’d lean them against a wall. Eyal just does it on his own, he also does a very good down-dog.

Oldest grandson Aytan, we bought that bear when he was a baby. All the grandkids have loved it.


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