Road to California 2019

I am spoiling myself these days, I got some money from my mom’s inheritance and I’m spoiling myself. Aside from the new furniture, I bought a new camera. A very nice mirrorless Sony camera. My son is jealous, he wants to get his hand on it and play. I need a lot of play time. Meanwhile, I went to Road2Ca to give it a whirl.

Look at this, the appliqué, the quilting are gorgeous, but look how sharp the image is!!!

Some more beautiful appliqué and quilting.

I love these bright intricate busy quilts. Not something I’d ever make.

The center is a delicate crocheted doily. Now that is a doily I can love.

After all that intense detail and quilting, it is a pleasure to see something like this. First of all I love the red, white and black. I like the very large carnation motif and the simple quilting.

Here I am planning a reverse engineering of this block. One thing I love is doing just that. Figuring out the puzzle on my own.

I’m not really into this kind of wool appliqué, but boy do I love these colors! So this is more of color inspiration for me, of course I could simply appliqué this in cottons. Oh, I showed Rosa my owl, since I used her technique and tools, she was very impressed and very happy to my work.


A closer look, and it’s truly an abstract. A beautiful one either way.

Here is a close up of a handprinted quilt, all the quilting is done on a domestic machine. The way I quilt.

Here is the back of this quilt, I think I might prefer this side.

I love this version of Violet Crafts’ lion. Almost makes me want to try one myself with unusual fabrics. But first, I will be making Orange Dot’s mandala. Also paper piecing, not quite as complicated. And that of course only after I finish my red and white….

Speaking of red and white, with some grey and black thrown in for good measure.

I had to try out my depth of field. The purples are so sharp, the greens are hazy. Ahh, I am loving this new camera, so much to learn!


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