Macro lens

Oh, boy am I having fun! For the last year or so, many of my pictures were from my phone. I was getting lazy. The quality of the old camera was better than the phone, and yet…. it was easier to pull out the phone. I still love the phone for impromptu.

This is with the kit lens, look at the steam! That is not something I could capture all that well before. Once again, I made my baba ganouche, I think I added too much garlic. Oh well, kept the vampires away.

I treated myself to a handmade silver thimble with the nail opening. I’ve been admiring these for years. A year ago I bought a silver thimble at an antique mall. I put it away when I went to Israel and it disappeared. I have no idea where it went. I’m hoping that as I clean and rearrange my sewing room it will reappear.

Back to the macro lens, look at how it captures every little detail, the coloration in the small pink bead. I didn’t notice that until I looked at these pictures.

See the lip? this allows using both the top and the side of the thimble. So far I’ve taken pictures, I haven’t use’t it yet. Right now I am in awe of the clarity and details.

After I took these pictures I realized that I had the ISO a little too high. So these are brighter than they should be, and yet – still amazing.

I need to watch some more You Tube as well as practice. The macro lens is so tight, I was focusing on the beads, and the thimble is already blurred. This never happened with the old camera. I’m glad I haven’t bought a long range lens yet… Although I know my friend Becky is laughing right now – I’m getting addicted to lenses.

This time I let the camera decide the ISO, but I think I need to back off on the aperture, I would like this whole image to be in focus. As they say, practice, practice, practice.

Wow, I need to clean off this sphere, the camera captured every mote of dust.

Just one of the cute items in my garden.

Not the macro lens. Our Temple has started an empty nesters group, we will be meeting at one another homes. So of course they asked for group photos from all the homes. I had fun setting up the camera on the tripod. I tried to pair it with my phone, didn’t work too well. But the 10 second delay worked just fine. So here we are, low light, no flash and a very happy group of people. Picture came out great.

Phone picture, beautiful, great details. Boy oh boy, what I could do with the macro lens!


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