The lure of fabric

I don’t like polyester, but when it looks like this, crepe, knit, gorgeous print and with a lot of body, I can’t say no.This is the same pattern I used for my previous knit dress, with one change, a shorter sleeve with a bell cuff.

I was hoping to make a different pattern, but I hadn’t bought enough fabric. So here we are. I think I need to shorten this dress. Clearly these black tights are a no go. I was being lazy, I had on a different dress and just didn’t feel like changing the tights.The shoes would be cuter without the black tights, but sometimes it is what it is.This is one of the few good side views that I have gotten!Good back view.Oh, and the lemon tree is full of lemons!Ok, I’ll shorten the dress!enough of the dress! This is what is really important.


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