Rainbow Mice

What else could I have named this quilt?It is all done! Wasn’t my choice of subject or color and yet I had a great time making this.Here it is with all the mice and hearts quilted. Needs some background quilting.Went with free hand lines, sort of big and loose.Bound it in green and orange. Btw, most of the solids are from my stash. Certainly the green was. As soon as I used it I could tell that it was a poly-cotton. I used it anyway, I hate it. I must have bought it at JoAnne’s. They mix in the cotton with the blends and I guess I needed that color. There was some leftover – it went into the trash. Yes, I am that much of a snob.My usual binding technique is to sew the binding on the front of the quilt, flip over and finish the binding by hand. This time, I had fun with it. Sewed the binding to the back, then chose a decorative stitch – one that looks like cross-stiching, and sewed it down on the front. Adds a fun touch and to be honest – is probably more secure than my hand sewing.Back of quilt. I felt that my first attempt at the Mickey silhouette was a little small, but no need to waste it. I also took all he remnants from the hearts and made one rainbow.Some closeups.

Then, I popped it into the washing machine and dryer. I need to show this off at a few of my guilds and then it will be gifted. I know it will be very very loved.


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