Oddities in Simi Valley

Simi valley was originally ranches. As the need for housing exploded in Southern CA, it became a valley full of tract homes.  It’s a lovely area, but not quirky, well except for Santa Susana Knowles.  There is something about building up into the hills that makes for funky neighborhoods. I’ve seen it in Woodland Hills, Sierra Madre, Alta Dena, – the artistic types like to live in the hills in interesting homes.Because this is an unincorporated area, no one has rules about the exterior of your home. Since this was ranch land, there are plenty of old farm tools to be used.This is probably a real covered wagon that came west, with new canvas of course. The original would have rotted years ago.Another example sits outside a local restaurant.An old windmill for a well.Plenty of interesting garden art, a lovely example of stained glass. Birds.Birdbaths for the real ones. Interesting mailboxes.Keep on walking!



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