The best part of Halloween

All month I’ve been posting images of yard decorations for Halloween. While fun and all, what I really love is the grandkids joy in the fun.We stopped by the pumpkin patch near his school. Ah, the joy of making a grandson happy!Didn’t see this part of the family on Halloween, thank God for phones and pictures. Mama took the picture, I think she wore something pink and fuzzy. How about Mickey Mouse. This was taken at Daycare, they manage to get him to keep the hat on his head.For actual Halloween, he was Mario.

He wasn’t alone. We all walked the neighborhood before the real trick or treating started. Yup, this trio got a lot of high fives and laughs.Getting into the picture. Then it was on to the older grandkids to actually walk around and trick or treat with them.I had no candy whatsoever, none. Quite and accomplishment in itself.

What a blessing to have these grandkids and see them grow.


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