Mickey-Minnie rainbow quilt

I rarely sell my handwork, it simply isn’t worth it, on the other hand, giving quilts to deserving people isn’t a problem for me.

So my DIL wants something for a very special teacher who is now a friend. Nina loves Disney and rainbows, two things I’m not that crazy about.This is an image that Becky shared with me. Ok, I get the idea, no way would I ever make something like this, but, lets go with the idea.It is very easy to find a silhouette of Mickey online. I used Mistyfuse  and actually machine appliquéd using monofilament.It went quickly. These are 10″ blocks.Of course, I have to have some Minnies!Throwing everything up on the design wall.I added hearts.I think this is the final layout. At this point the quilt will be 50″ x 60″, I wanted it a little larger. This isn’t a lap quilt. It is meant to be cuddly and warm, so I need to increase the size.Here we go, now it’s more like 55″ x 72″, much better. Now I have to plan out the quilting.

I am now spending Tuesdays up at the new location of Quilts n’ Things in Altadena. I’m driving Aytan to his new school which is 20 miles away. Instead of going home, I start out in a coffee shop, and then by 10 am I’m up here for 4 hours, sitting and sewing with new friends. It’s lovely

I will probably bring my featherweight sometime and work on pillowcases. Meanwhile, handwork is in order. Do you remember this quilt? I finished it a few months ago, but really it’s not finished until it has a label.I had these labels printed up at Spoonflower. As you can see, I add the actual last two digits of the year by hand. In this case I even embellished the printed border with some embroidery. Now this one is ready to be gifted for the holidays, yes I have someone in mind.

While I was here in walked Charles Phoenix, his editor is right next-door! I have heard him lecture, have his autographed book. It was a delight, and boy was he impressed with this quilt. It was a mutual admiration society. Go look at what he does, he is all about Americana – in a loving, funky fun way.


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