Crochet Lady

Years ago there was a wonderful mural alongside the Hollywood Freeway1179096705_41b1dcde92_oThis is what she looked like, until she was painted over in 1986.

Ken Twitchell has been able to repaint this tribute to his grandmother over on a wall at LA Valley College.P1100119Of course I love this for so many reasons. First of all, a granny square shawl – what’s not to love!  I took this pictures a few weeks ago, I need to go back and see if the mural is complete.P1100120I’m also noticing that the two are not exactly alike, not just because of the configuration of the wall space, the  shawl is completely different, but that’s ok, artist prerogative.P1100122I have no idea how murals like this are painted, it looks so photographic.P1100124P1100125Either way, I’m thrilled that she is back. A tribute to the artists grandmother. I am also thrilled that a whole new generation of women has discovered the wonders of fiber arts – be it crocheting, sewing, knitting or anything else that one creates with ones own hands.


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