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Years ago there was a wonderful mural alongside the Hollywood Freeway1179096705_41b1dcde92_oThis is what she looked like, until she was painted over in 1986.

Ken Twitchell has been able to repaint this tribute to his grandmother over on a wall at LA Valley College.P1100119Of course I love this for so many reasons. First of all, a granny square shawl – what’s not to love!  I took this pictures a few weeks ago, I need to go back and see if the mural is complete.P1100120I’m also noticing that the two are not exactly alike, not just because of the configuration of the wall space, the  shawl is completely different, but that’s ok, artist prerogative.P1100122I have no idea how murals like this are painted, it looks so photographic.P1100124P1100125Either way, I’m thrilled that she is back. A tribute to the artists grandmother. I am also thrilled that a whole new generation of women has discovered the wonders of fiber arts – be it crocheting, sewing, knitting or anything else that one creates with ones own hands.


Knit and crochet

Months ago I bought this linen on sale at Webs.P1070754Euroflax is probably the best linen yarn on the market and it isn’t cheep, even when on sale.P1070758I spun it into balls, this color is a little more accurate.IMG_3152I started knitting.

I knit most of the body of a sweater, up to a point where I could sort of try it on. I hated it. Linen has no give whatsoever – really none. It was a big shapeless mess.  So bad that I didn’t even take a picture, I just frogged the whole thing.  A couple of very large balls of linen are hanging around the house. I have to use them, I don’t want to knit a shawl out of this yarn (I bought more linen for that purpose).P1070023Remember this sweater?  This could work well in linen. Heres’ the thing, I don’t like knitting the exact same thing twice. I also am not crazy about the length of the sleeves.

So my next thought is – combine patterns, make a standard neck down raglan with a V-neck till a few inches about the waist, then use this pattern to create the peplum.

So I started, I thought I had the correct number of stitches, but I wasn’t sure. Then I had a lightbulb moment, I don’t use my dress form much for sewing, but here is the perfect use for it.P1100074So far so good, looks like I’m ok.P1100075This is just one of the two large balls I got when frogging.  I think it will be fair to say I will have knit this sweater twice.P1100179Still looking good.P1100178Now I need to figure out when I stop increasing, put the sleeves on scrap yarn and continue just with the body. I would like to get this right and not have to rip anything out again!

As for crochet, a friend has cancer, a bunch of us are making her a blanket, here is my contribution.P1090966The front flower only has 7 petals, I couldn’t turn it into a square, so it will be used for something else. It’s the African flower made into a square.  I love the internet, was very easy to find instructions for how to do this.


Time for crochet

If asked what I prefer knitting or crochet, my first response will be knitting. Then I have to qualify that answer – garments, socks, shawls are best knitted. Crochet is very different and is wonderful for fine lace, Kippahs and softies – or hug-able animals.

Sometimes I see a pattern and that is exactly what I want -no need to put my own stamp on it, such was the case with
Fatty Lumpkin

Just like the original
Just like the original

At my local JoAnn’s I found wonderful baby skeins of colorful acrylic yarn. Yes, for soft toys, acrylic is great .  I followed the 24 page instruction booklet to a tee,  no getting extra creative here.

African flower, a wonderful  new take on the granny square
African flower, a wonderful new take on the granny square
building the pony from the back legs up
building the pony from the back legs up

Kudos to Heidi Bear for designing this  pony, I am always happy to pay for other peoples’ hard work.  I wouldn’t have the patience to figure out how to put this together.

Stuff as you go, otherwise it just won't work
Stuff as you go, otherwise it just won’t work

The eyes aren’t the animal eyes you can buy and insert, they are simply black buttons.

I wasn’t sure where this little fellow was going to end up living. With friends having babies, there would always be a good home for this fellow.  Those babies will get something else, this pony isn’t going anywhere.

Hubby loves his new toy
Hubby loves his new toy