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Advertising is such a big industry because it works.  It’s not just being bombarded on TV and radio. It’s also the advertising of word of mouth.  Book publishers have figured out that sending craft books to successful bloggers and podcasters will increase sales, since we tend to value the opinion of people we read or listen to regularly. Especially since this is entirely our choice, not just ‘whats on my station in the car.’

So over the last few months I’ve been hearing about a book, Sock Architecture,  and everyone was singing it’s praises. I have to admit, I was leery,  I’ve been knitting for a long time and have a number of sock books, as well as patterns, downloads and instructions. Well then the author put out a pattern for free on Raverlry,  Fork in the Road. I downloaded it and even bought some hand dyed striping sock yarn on Etsy.P1070223I made the socks,  what can I say, I absolutely love the yarn – the pattern, not so much. First of all, it’s knit top down, which means, I skimp on the leg cuz I’m never sure how much yarn I have.  Second of all, the heel was very fiddly.  I got to it on the plane and it turns out I needed to do a provisional cast on. (I know, read the whole pattern first, well I don’t).P1070224Sure, the end result is nice comfy socks, but it wasn’t worth the whole new method.  At knit night, another friend showed me her stripped sock that she made using Fish Lip  Kiss Heels and they looked just as good.  I have used that heel before and like it much better.P1070225I do have a very nice pair of socks, I’m glad I didn’t just listen to all the praises and was cautious. No, I won’t be buying the book.

When I visited Purl’s in Asheville, I took a look at the actual book. The saleswoman wasn’t very impressed, although she did try and sell me Cat Bordhi’s latest sock book.  I think I have enough books, I’m always open to a new stitch pattern but at this stage of the game, I think I know how to knit socks just fine.


3 thoughts on “Advertising works”

  1. After finishing my one whole sock (ha!) I am curious to try a toe up pattern because like you, I wanted to make the leg a little longer, but wasn’t sure if I’d have enough yarn!

    Thanks for the honest review!

    1. There are some good patterns on Revelry, Good thing is that people write reviews as they go along. You want some thing simple, there are sock patterns that are just too fiddley and it’s not worth it.

  2. I’ve thought about that yarn ever since you showed it to me. Your socks turned out nice and I still love that yarn. 🙂 I do like toe up much more due to not having to skimp on the leg.

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