Lake Tahoe

I’m sure you would like to see Lake Tahoe itself. The most beautiful lake that straddles California and Nevada.

Unfortunately, because of all the wild fires in the west, many still burning in CA, visibility wasn’t very good. Can’t see the mountains on the west side of the lake.

Some days were better than others.

Had to get a selfie!

Also, took a picture of other people enjoying the lake. Went up and spoke to them, they were from Ohio. Their son just got married in Colorado and then they continued on for a trip through the west. Aside from our horrifically high gas prices, they did love the nature CA has to offer.

A visit to Emerald Bay, I now this island has another name, but I thin the shape of it gives the name to the bay, because the water was bluer than blue. This kind of blue is what this lake is known for.

This day the sky and the lake were almost the same color, even the mountains blended in.

I love these rock towers that people are leaving on the landscape.

Smoke is back, and yet it makes for a very other-worldy image.

Exact same beach as the previous image. The air might be horrible, but look how clear the water is! Yes, I took this picture looking down at the lake water. It is so clear you simply can’t see it. All you see are the rocks.

We also hiked to a waterfall. Water out in the west is always precious.

Not a selfie! we traded taking pictures with another couple. Much better than the selfies.

Looking down from the waterfall to a high Sierra meadow. Fall colors are beginning to emerge. This whole trip was so necessary for the soul.


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