A squirel

For years now I’ve been wanting to make this squirrel. I had seen a version with a fur tail. Well it took a while, but I got both Cuddle and fur fabric and I got to work.

I enlarged the pattern, at first way to much, so I scaled down a little, but it’s still big! Always start with the head, feels like you have someone staring back at you.

Then make a furry tail. The fur is stiff, makes the project a little harder, but doable.

Inside out animal.

The torture of pulling him through! Took time, but I got him right side out.

What I have here is an ROUS, a rodent of unusual size. Hmmm most stuffed animals are much smaller than the real thing, this guy is much bigger.

What a bushy tail!!

Happy in the sun.

And here he is, in comparison to my sewing machine. A huge rodent indeed.

Last week at the park, Aytan and I saw squirrels and he said he likes them. So guess who now owns a new squirrel all of his own? Yup, Aytan loves this guy, his name is Squirrel and he is a boy. So I’ve been told.

Making squirrel faces. I think he has the face down perfectly.

He loves how soft most of Squirrel is. The tail is bushy, but not that soft. The cuddle fabric is very soft.

Aytan ran around all afternoon with his new friend and has spent the night with him in his bed. I’m thrilled that this guy was such a hit. Since making his sister the dress for a doll and for her, he needed something as well. I love it when something I make really hits the mark like this one did.


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