A moose

I am now done with my handmade gifts I give all my grandkids at birth. Einav has her stuffed animal, in her case, a moose. That’s what dad wanted.

He really wanted floral fabric, be still my heart! I love sewing with a beautiful floral. I bought enough of this so down the road I can make her a dress.

The deflated moose.

The head is stuffed. Yes I used safety eyes for a baby. They won’t be putting this in bed with her. I glued them on as well as snapping them into place. I think it will be all right.

Standing on the famous rock in the backyard.

A different angle.

The ears don’t stand up, but they are solid, there is quilt batting inside.

Yes, I do love this one. Well, I’ve loved all the patterns I’ve made from Funky Fiberfriends.

And now, for the vanity shots.

With the fox.

With the elephant.

All three together. Only the fox and elephant live at my house. I did buy some fake fur to make the squirrel, I’ll get to that soon.


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