Contemporary Craft Show

For years this show would occur biannually at the convention center in Santa Monica.  Well  they are in a midst of renovation so last year the show moved to Pasadena.

I have no problem going either place, actually Pasadena is much easier for me.  So I grabbed some local friends who had never been to this show and off we went.                              Amongst the many shows, faires, events in the park – this one is the best quality.  I have purchased multiple items here throughout the years.  I forgot my camera so used my phone. Many vendors do not allow photos, I understand that, also, I was trying to capture the feeling, not the details of their work.IMG_2524Woodwork- what can I say, smooth as buttah!IMG_2525Unique and interesting lamps.  Not too thrilled with the ones that look like hand-granades.  To be honest, none of these are my style but they are fascinating and well displayed.IMG_2527There were all kinds of handbags, many like these, as well as some very interesting leather ones.  I must confess, this booth is more of an inspiration for what I can make. In the past I have bought bags at this show.IMG_2528A lot of unique clothing, these coats really caught my eye.IMG_2530Wow to this glass work! Stained glass with other wonderful objects from nature. IMG_2534What I bought!  Dotty is a hand weaver who figured out that you can make money with small items, so along side her scarves she has polymer clay jewelry as well as fun necklaces, bracelets and earrings for the Sewers/quilters among us.  What a creative idea.

Here are some items I have bought in the past. Others, like a glass lamp, already broke. Or some lovely bags – I probably gave away. I am not a packrat, I don’t save everything, I don’t even save wonderful handmade items. My grandmother was a packrat, I learned that that is not a good thing to be.P1020584A few years ago, I bought this wonderful ceramic garden sculpture by Leslie Codina, she continues to make more of these in new fresh colors.P1020582I think this has been in my garden for 3 years, still bright, pretty and no chips.P1020592Unfortunately the woman who weaves these cotton chenille blankets no longer comes.P1020594Hint of blue, a good contrast to the gold/yellow.P1020586A silk dyer, also no longer there, but there are others, just as talented.P1020588



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