Blue and white, done!

In honor of Israel’s 70th birthday, I finished my blue and white quilt.This is the quilt with all the white areas quilted.I switched to a blue thread and quilted the rings, in the checkerboard, you can see the details, otherwise I just stitched in the ditch to emphasize the segments. Then I carefully cut out the scallop. A friend gave me the formula to measure and cut bias tape from a square of fabric. It involves using the square root function on a calculator. My phone doesn’t have that function but I do have an old-fashioned calculator that does. Needless to say, I don’t remember how to do this with pencil and paper.I sewed on the bias tape, then I clipped into each corner, I learned this from watching videos on Youtube.Sitting outside in our glorious weather hand sewing the binding down.When I come to a stopping point, I use my lovely needle minder so it is easy to find where to pick up next.Finished and up for photography, I may have to do this again later in the day so I don’t get so much light and shadow.I flipped the quilt, this is better, but I may yet try for different light.I found this fabric deeply discounted at Quilt Emporium. Perfect match. Just a few closeup shots. Then some artistic shots. I still need to make a label, since this is a special quilt for me, I will probably hand embroider one and I think it will reference Israel’s 70th birthday. Then I might even take this out for some artistic shots in the wild.


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  1. I absolutely love this quilt, because of the specific “blues” you used, plus the terrific “rings ‘n’ birds” pattern. (And the fact that it would look perfect in my family room). It’s gorgeous!!

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