Hiking the Verdugo mountains

It’s been a while, but we are back to hiking! Yay.  On a beautiful spring day with overcast skies – perfect.

This is a 3.5 mile hike that circles around Descanso Gardens, they themselves are a wonderful place to visit, but we were going for exercise and views.Before we started out, I looked up and saw these powerline towers on the horizon.The hike starts with a steep uphill path, they even recommend that if you are riding a horse, get off and walk the horse up. We saw no horses or cyclists on the path.Look how lush and green everything is! Give it two or three more weeks and this will all be brown, or what we call – gold.We gained elevation quickly and soon were looking down on one of the lakes in Descanso Gardens.Because it was such a hazy morning, the visibility isn’t great.  Downtown to the left and the mausoleum at Forrest Lawn to the right. It was just a week ago I was there view stained glass. What caught my eye here is the big orange tank, I don’t know if it’s a water tank or not, but it makes me think of my friend Becky who has a saying: orange, it’s everywhere. The wildflowers are blooming! Joel is hiking.A lot more uphill walking and we are at the same level as the towers I saw from down below. We even ended up walking underneath them.I’m not a geologist, but I’m sure someone could give a very interesting commentary about what is going on here.Erosion has really affected the path. This year the power of water has really been brought home. First the massive mudslide in Montecito that killed over 20 people. Then just a few days ago an awful tragedy in Israel. A group of teens were out hiking and a flash flood overtook them, 10 kids are dead. So sad. Once the hike was over, we headed over to Honolulu Ave in nearby Montrose and walked around the Farmers Market, where of course, we found some very delicious tacos.

I love where we live!


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