I love Thanksgiving, a national holiday of gratitude.  I love the many ways people celebrate, from family dinners, Friendsgiving, or an early meal and going out for fun.We used to go visit my cousins, but these days with all the kids in town and five grandkids, I’ve been hosting the dinner.  I had fun making the tabletopper, finding a new way to fold the napkins and making a fun centerpiece.I brine and roast the turkey upside down, which is why the breasts aren’t crispy. But they certainly were moist and yummy.Alongside some of the traditional foods, I have added roasted Jerusalem artichokes. This is a nutty flavored tuber that is perfect for a fall meal.Then the family arrived, and the mayhem began. It’s wonderful having a house full of noise, joy and good cheer.I set up the camera for a family photo-shoot. In order to be able to use the remote, the flash is disabled. Which meant the smallest motion became a blur.It is easy to see that Cameron is a perpetual motion kind of kid.We all had a wonderful evening as a family, that is what really matters.

Oh and yes, the food was great, more leftovers for tonight.



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