Rocky Peak Trail

Continuing our Sunday tradition, we went out looking for a local hike. We found it in the northwestern section of the San Fernando Valley, right on the border with Simi Valley.  Rocky Peak TrailRP11True to it’s name, the trail was steep and had little vegetation but a lot of very interesting rock formations.RP1From certain vantage points the sky really was that blue.RP2RP4We did have a few clouds in the sky, not enough to give us any shade but since we don’t see them often, I find clouds are fascinating.RP9Not all rock formations are made by nature.
RP3Despite being the end of October, it was hot.RP6This is a view of the San Fernando Valley we rarely see, I think out house is far off in the haze.RP5Simi Valley on the other side, once ranch lands, now a far flung suburb.RP7Once again, we weren’t alone. A group of Fire fighters were out on a hike. I have no idea if they are LA county or Ventura country, we were straddling the county line.RP8Not everyone was hiking. I’m impressed that with the views she was able to concentrate on her book.RP10Hikers, mountain bikes, just another lovely Sunday in Southern California.


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