Canoeing down a river

Our last day in the jungle and we decide to take advantage of the canoes at the resort. They offer an option of floating down to the town of San Ignacio, with a guide of course. Here we are on the Macal river, with a canoe and no guide. Joel went up to ask where he is, he’ll be right down. Nope, he never showed. Our salvation came in Roxanne, the resort accountant, although she had never canoed down the river she was game. So were we, let’s go on an adventure.A group of canoes came upstream, luckily for us, we were going downstream. We had to navigate some rapids, being in a metal canoe meant we scraped up on some rocks and had to avoid low hanging branches. No one fell out!Cows grazed along the shore. Roxanne told us her story. She was born in San Ignacio, due to an aunt in Tulsa OK, she was able to go there and study accounting. Now, she is back home, working at DuPlooy’s.A tiny waterfall. We joked about her job description. How this can be an additional part of the job. Over two and a half hours rowing on the river is a long time. By the end, the river was wide and flat and we were tired. Of course we were thrilled to see the bridge that indicated that we had arrived! Just make it under the bridge and we are there. look who else came out to greet us, a very large male iguana. He is yuuuge!We landed. we made it safely. We wore the life vests, for whatever they worth. Roxanne otoh didn’t have one. Ah Belize.Since this is her hometown she now became tour guide. The resort sends everyone to a certain restaurant in town, that is where the oars and vests are stored. That is where pickups are arranged. I’m sure the food is good, but we wanted local. So we went to her favorite local place, yup, just as good as Benny’s. Then she borrowed her moms car, and we drove back, seeing her home, her elementary school and her moms restaurant. We would have gone there, but it’s closed on Mondays.

Belize has is a gathering place of many people. On her fathers side, the Family is from India, by now mixed in with many others. She is resourceful and kind. The best kind of guide for the day.


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