San Ignacio

Belize is a poor country, although everything is relative, neighboring Guatemalans come here for work. On our two hour drive up into the mountains showed a third world country. A lot of brightly painted houses along the way, but due to the climate and the economy, I could see how simple the lives are here. At one point I asked a guide where the rich live, he said: The US.A visit to San Ignacio, the nearby town. You can see what I mean by bright colors. A three story building is unusual, I was wondering, is this Art Deco, or Mayan influence? I’m going with Mayan.The colors! The population here is one big melting pot, native, African, European, East Indian and Chinese. They all seem to mix. One the surprising things was to learn that there are. There are Mennonite and Amish communities as well. Most of the Amish are up north, we did see one woman with a long blue dress and a Mennonite with her tiny bonnet and floral dress. Love the name of this street. Just around the corner we stopped for a rum tasting. We got a history lesson along with many tasty rums. I do enjoy visiting local distilleries when possible. Who knew rum was so good on its own. The Macal river, the bridge was built in 1949, the other side is Santa Elena, but they operate as one town. So glad we didn’t stay in this ‘hotel’. A row of typical houses. Especially the unfinished second floor, that is a hallmark of third world countries. I like how the blue house on the corner fits into it’s unusual shape, especially that roofline. A church, the countryside is full of them, every denomination is represented. English is the official language since Britain controlled Belize till independence in 1981. Most people speak a Creole or pidgin. I just Love these signs.


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