Twohey’s, best burgers in the San Gabriel Valley

I mentioned Twohey’s as our lunch stop during the yarn crawl.  Time to give this 70 year old institution it’s due.  The ladies at A stitch in Time directed us here for lunch, Ellen got very excited, she of course had been here and was looking forward to showing us the  Googie style architecture. That modern space age, forward looking optimism of the post war years.Twohey'sThis is what greeted us on the corner of Atlantic Blvd and Huntington Dr. in Alhambra.  An even better surprise awaited us within.Twohey's interiorThis past December, without ever closing for a day, Twohey’s was renovated back to it’s past.  After years of sad ‘Marie Calendar’ kind of look, the Googie style is back in force inside as well. Love the orange and Turquoise as well as the wonderful fixtures.Bar at Twohey'sSure modern conveniences  like a flat screen TV are there, but it’s all done with a nod to the past.Twohey's doormatWe were greeted at the door with this wonderful floor mat.  An easy explanation of how to pronounce the name of the eatery. As well as letting us know, they have been here for 70 years. I’ll get to the Stinko later.boomarang formica The tabletop was redone with new formica, in the wonderful 50 style boomerang pattern.Bernadette sitting down to lunchBernadette, our traveling mascot sits down to lunch. She was good, me on the other hand…stinko burgerI enjoyed the Stinko Burger. It’s funny how 70 years ago a burger with onions and pickles would be considered stinky. Think of all the hot spicy ethnic condiments we load our burgers with today.Twohey's onion ringsAll of us shared a SMALL plate of onion rings. I’m wondering where they get those massive onions. Either way, that was a great meal. Fuel for the road as we marched on to other yarn stores.