Zagreb, Croatia

I’m back! from an amazing three week trip. Yes, that is a long time, and we did so much, so I’ll try to include more than just the trip in the next few weeks…

But here it is, we started out in Zagreb.

The train station, no didn’t come in by train, we flew, but in the morning, taking our walk, it was one of the first things we saw. My first few photos are sort of fuzzy, lets’ just say jet lag.

Some famous Croat from a very long time ago, I’m happy to see that they haven’t torn down statues here, although the amount of graffiti we saw everywhere was unbelievable.

Same guy, welcoming people at the train station.

Croatia has been part of many things, among others – the Austro Hungarian empire – so plenty of late 19th c. Austrian architecture – in this case- Beaux Arts.

I didn’t realize until later that just 3 years ago there was an earthquake here in Zagreb that did a lot of damage. One person was killed, this is the one time that the lockdown actually saved lives…. So the Cathedral tower had just been repaired and down it came again, so the repairs start anew.

Croatia is very hilly, I climbed a lot here, great exercise and good views.

Which means resting by fountains. You see the shorts and short sleeves? – last time you’ll see that for over a week – from the evening on- it was rain, rain, rain.

More lovely architecture.

The main town square, another guy on a horse, also, sad to point out graffiti upon the roof. I will share some at some point, but in general, I tried to cut it out.

I mentioned stairs, I took this picture before walking down them. Look how green! It is springtime, and oh my, the rain!

Didn’t take these stair, but people here sure love the cats, I’ll have another post with cats from all over.

There were also some buildings that leaned more into the Art Deco. Honestly, I only took a few pictures, and I’m sharing less than I took.

Art Deco! I wish I knew what these people represent other than just trade. Here I can clearly see earthquake damage.

Modern Vs. old. I didn’t get too much of the old yellow building – the Crafts museum – that I would have liked to visit – a lot of damage, so it’s closed. Right next door is the music academy. Very very modern Music academy next door. Many people complain that it is the only modern building on the block, so it doesn’t belong there. I disagree, cities always change and evolve, keep what you can from the old – (like renovating the museum) but build new.

This is a mausoleum in the old cemetery, I think it honored one of the first rulers of free Croatia, I”m not sure, it’s a lovely building also undergoing repairs.

More tomorrow.

another 4th of July project done!

I’ve been working on Abigail Adams,

It is 36 count fabric, and I’m wishing I had done one thread rather than two. sure the coverage is lovely, but it hurts my hands more

I was beginning to worry that I might run out of some of the threads – this is due to the fact that I made many mistakes on the border and ripped a lot out. Now,I’m not pointing those mistakes out, the work looks lovely. Btw, Nicola of Hands Across the Sea Samplers – recreates old samplers – there are mistakes in all of them, we are human – no AI.

Fully finished as a flat fold, I really enjoy making smaller items into a flat fold. Although this is probably as big as I’d go. I just to a close look in person and I still know where the ‘new’ threads are, no I didn’t go buy the same color, I went into my stash and found colors that are as close as possible. Once the work is done, one sees the overall work, not each individual stitch, and it is lovely.

I have enough of the owl fabric to use it on the inside as well, but being a quilter, I love the contrast.

I like the fabrics, the cording, which yes, I could have made a little tighter.

As well as the buttons that cover the raw edge of the cording.

I love this owl fabric, I have had it for years, it has shown up in many projects. I still have about a third of a yard. I will miss it when its gone, but then again, it is in many of my works, so what am I complaining about being gone.

Close ups, I love this quilt block. and the flags are great.

Usually you need a magnifying glass to find my name or initials. This time I went big and bold. Also, I removed a few elements, I’m finding that I like work with a little more negative space. I’m happy with the layout.

I now have 3 4th of July cross-work projects, in about a month they will be coming out on display.

Jackalope Fair

A year and a half ago I went to the Fair in Pasadena, not many exhibitors and way too many masks. Last year I went to the Fair in Burbank. Many more booths – still too many masks. Burbank and Pasadena are practically neighbors – so that tells you something about the density of population here, that Jackalope can have two fairs, one month apart – essentially in the same area.

This year I went to Pasadena and there were 200 hundred booth, a ton of people and too many masks. A lot less than before, I’ll pretend that the older people have some compromised immune system, the Asians are just used to it. But why oh why! I see a family, mother father don’t have masks and the five year old kid does??? If I had asked they would have said: he is comfortable – that is exactly the problem – you conditioned him to hide his face and will continue to do so forever.

All of the artisans are local to the area – which is wonderful. I was eyeing one of these, but didn’t end up getting one. Who knows, maybe in the future.

How about these baskets! Adorable.

The craft of quilling is very interesting to me, not one I will ever try, but I do know that it takes time and effort. But also, Not sure I’d want it on my walls

There is soft sculpture, how about these for someone who even kills succulents.

Speaking of soft sculptures. How cute are these, especially in their old radio flyer wagon

Someone made owls, as well as other colorful creatures.

These would be great in an ice cream parlor or donut shop. Or, yes, just up on the way. I know my granddaughter would like the unicorn donuts.

Now I’m sorry I didn’t get the name of this company, I think I’d like one of these in my back yard.

Something else I didn’t buy, this book is from 1962, I used to have the Paris book. What can I say, we are getting rid of books, so why buy more. The style is sentimental to me – but that is all.

So what did I buy? these three old restaurant menus, the actual menu is on the back. I chose a color theme and a Los Angeles theme. Joel had gone to Ships as a child, I remember seeing the Westwood location sign. I never went to the Ambassador hotel where the Cocoanut Grove was – once again I don’t think it was still open. I never heard of the Sky Room, this was at the Lockheed terminal at Burbank Airport – or whatever they call it now. These are the P-38s which were made through-out all of WWII.

The wall is not empty anymore, I guess I have some space left for something else as well.

I bought this platter, from an Israeli woman who is practically my neighbor.

Looks good with the owl.

I won’t be posting for a while, we are off to Croatia, I will post pictures on IG, but won’t take the time to try and figure out creating blog posts. I’ll be inundating you with that when I get home.

Unicorn and tiger

Here is the unicorn in all her glory, flowers, buttons and a lovely tutu.

I’m not sure the tail will last, it is a very cheap felt, already falling apart.

with her buddy the tiger

Having a very nice tete-a-tete. This is the last quiet chat they will have.

Staring at me while I have breakfast

Welcome to your new home and new owner – I’d say Eyal looks pretty happy!

He is hugging him tight! I hope I reinforced the tail enough, because this boy is rough on toys.

Einav pulls the unicorn out of the bag!

I think she likes her!

Then they both go flying! So girls are no more gentle than boys. She already lost a flower.

They went to the Renaissance Faire this weekend and got me this wonderful owl mug.

It is huge, more like a beer stein, so I don’t think I’ll be drinking morning coffee in it. We shall see.

Brewery Open house

Yup, that time of year again, the artists open their studios at the Brewery. This time I dragged Joel along – on the pretext that we’d have a cocktail and fun conversation with Teale and Marshal after the show.

Here is proof that he was there. He did admit that this is something he’d never do if I hadn’t dragged him along. He also said it was a fun afternoon-evening.

The Brewery is right next to the 5 freeway. Something interesting here, there is some barbed wire right next to a fence that is cut and broken through. Something we see all over the city, especially next to freeways – where the vagrants build tent upon tent.

The large smokestack, the two buildings beyond are the Edison steam powered electric plant (1902) and the Iron works, the lower building. As we walked around, we went up to that top story of the Edison building, a lovely couple has a crazy loft up there, see the very large window. we looked out that that window.

The view from that window – towards downtown. Jason O’sliva is an author and he wrote some children’s books that I am hoping are right up Shira’ Alley. So I bought the first book, in hopes that she likes it and I will buy more.

We are also looking down on the Piggyback Yard. Owned by southern Pacific, this is where many of the containers come from up from the port. Right next door is a huge UPS facility, so maybe a lot of the goods then get loaded on their trucks and distributed. Also, about 2 years ago there was a scandal about a massive drop of Amazon packages, just off the tracks – that too happened here. In there left side, you can see the frame that lifts the containers onto the back of big rigs – hence – piggyback

Another view, from the bridge, here you can clearly see the piggyback machine. The city would love to take over this land, either build an Olympic Village or a park – problem is – Southern Pacific really isn’t interested in selling.

Looking towards downtown over the UPS yard.

The bridge. We may not have walked a lot of steps, but we did climb up and down a lot of stairs.

Back on the ground, looking up at the bridge from a different angle and seeing the moon rising.

There was people watching, I could have taken so many more pictures, in many cases the people were more colorful than the art.

The massive climbing wall inside the old ironworks. This is just a part of it.

This guard house stands between the Edison and ironworks and other buildings on the property. It was all heavy industrial buildings – at some point a Brewery took over some of the building and gave the complex it’s name.

Some art. We did end up having a lovely time with Teale, Marshal and their guests, but then as the sun went down it also got cold so we went home. Happy for a fun local adventure.

Wayfarers Chapel

Driving back from our beach walk, we stopped at the Wayfarers Chapel, boy am I glad we did. There are so many hidden gems all around us – it’s not like a I have a bucket list – I just am thrilled to see so much beauty and interesting things around me.

I didn’t get a picture from the road down below. Honestly as one is driving the curvy road, one often misses this.

Designed by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank. Who also built some homes here on the PV peninsula – one was just torn down a few years ago – not every house by a famous architect can survive.

When he designed the chapel in the 60s’ he planted redwood trees around it – for many many years the glass chapel stood out, but these days, the trees are reaching maturity so its’ more like a chapel in the woods

How beautiful is this! I think the guy in the suit may be a groom! This is because outside, I saw a bride! Many people do get married here.

Because Frank Lloyd Wright is the famous one – his son doesn’t get as much recognition -in many ways he is a better architect – because he didn’t drop out of school, so if Frank has attempted this – someone else would have had to figure out all the trusses and all the way the glass stays stable.

The view is gorgeous of course.

Looking from the small pool, through the redwoods to the actual chapel. A very interesting roof line, when seen from outside.

Another wonderful view, of the stone, glass, wood and metal and the beautiful design that brings it all together.

Roses and an old olive tree. I just planted new roses, I’m beginning to see buds, but nothing like this yet.

A visitor center was built in 2001, one of the designers was Eric Lloyd Wright, son of Lloyd. I didn’t go in because Pat wasn’t interested, so I guess I’ll have to stop by another time. Notice all that mustard in the back!

And finally the bride! Speaking of the bride, it is Mandy and Elks’ 10th anniversary! What a great celebration and how much they have accomplished in 10 years!

A tiger!

I love Funky Fiber Friends patterns – she is a genius. And now she has come out with a pattern for a crouching tiger. Still Eyal’s favorite – so time to get to work.

Not a stripped fabric – but close enough. These patterns alway start with the head, probably because once you see the face – you just have to keep going.

I didn’t take any pictures while making this guy. He is so much more fun once he’s done.

As seen here.

From another angle.

Crouching on the grass.

getting ready to pounce!

At what you ask?

At Raggedy Ann of course!

And now, to make a unicorn for Einav! Then I can give them both at the same time.

spring pcitures

Once a year I like to share this house, one of these days it will be torn down, so I’m celebrating it while it is still here

Easter has passed but the permanent bunnies are still decorated.

As is the fence. Btw, there are three different houses behind this very long fence, some have rabbits by the gate, others a squirrel. It feels like they were built on the same plot of land – and one long fence was used. Then there is a huge plot that is now empty – it used to have a large old house – something tells me that more than one house will go up on that plot – this is called progress. I’m not complaining – this is what happens.

In my own garden, grandson is learning how to prune.

Other people have included metal peacock with the flamingoes. At least it’s not a live one! Although peacocks are complete important – they have attained the rights of a native bird. When they set up shop in your neighborhood, you are doomed.

Someone else has cows and a goat as well as those obnoxious gnomes.

How about front yard tents?

purple on purple – spring flowers are delightful

Or a dark orange Clivia – complete with dew drops.

Finally, get really close with the camera and tilt it – a whole abstract art from a sidewalk cactus.

This and that

This has been on my wall for years, a little faded because it’s under a skylight. Many years ago I found a lovely calendar with beautiful Art Nuveaux advertisements. I framed some of them – which means I have more frames to cannibalize.

Remember that owl I finished not long ago? It will fit in here!

I laced it, put it in the frame and covered the back, although I’m sure, dust will get in there.

First go was where the print hung before. But that is upstair, few people will see it there. I want it to be seen by my guests. I switched colors, darks where lights should have been, and you know what, I think it works really well. So Its’ rotation time. Also, I really like that I simplified this and have less filled spaces – something I may do with the project I’m working on now, Salute to Abigail – we’ll see.

All three have birds! If you remember, I replaced a bunny with a goose on the blue piece. There will be more birds in my future, not just owls.

Cease moved to where the print hung and the print itself went in the garbage. I can’t claim to have done a great job cleaning for Passover – but I did some Spring cleaning – meaning I threw some things away. I know, I have plenty of stuff – throwing things away isn’t a problem. I also just noticed, there are chickens here – so there were birds.

I tried out this new fangled contraption, you power it with your feet – really it is for strengthening the core. I love how Einav photo bombed. Eyal was near by but didn’t make it into the picture.

Aytan helped Burt pound in some stakes.

The lilacs at Lake Balboa are in full bloom. You can even see one of them across the lake.

We have the lilac colored ones

And a white one!

Then at the market I bought these lilac and hyacinth. The lilac smells so good!

Earlier, at the Farmers market I saw this huge protea. No I didn’t buy it, but I had to take a picture.

fails and successes in cross stitch

I’ve been wanting to do this pattern for a while, it is big. I got the dmc flosses – here and there I substituted for what I already have. Then I ordered fabric.

It is a lovely 46 count hand dyed.

I got this far.

1%! WOO HOO. The problem is my hand hurts from pushing the needle through that fabric. so I stopped immediately. I have ordered more fabric, this time 40 count – but I think it’s coming from Australia (I ordered through Etsy) so this project is on hold for a while!

Here is another ‘small I thought I could work on at the same time.

I think this is a 40 count and its’ dark!!! No go!

I even tried with another color. I am beginning to realize, that these very dark over-dyed linens just don’t work for me. So another project put aside. I’ll use a different background, probably a lighter one.

Next! Salute to Abigail from Blackbird designs. Rachel from Linen and Flax mentioned a stitch along. I haven’t looked for it yet on IG but I got started!

This one is going so much better. It is a 36 count, so I’ve doubled the thread, I prefer one thread. So far so good!

There are plenty of mistakes in the border, I got tired of picking it out, so since this design has a lot of free form to it, I am moving on to the center!

I am past the 50% mark, and moving swiftly. Actually I’m not sure that is true. I scanned the pattern into MarkupRxp and it wouldn’t stitch together the two parts of the chart and it won’t recognize the symbols. So I inputted them by hand and no, not working too well, which may explain some of the mistakes… I’m soldering on!

My knitting hasn’t been any more successful lately. I’m hoping my luck will change. The pattern isn’t the problem – it has been the yarn. So I got good old Cascade sport weight, I shouldn’t have a problem. I need to make a swatch, because I intend to knit this while on vacation in Croatia.