Its my Birthday

I wish I could stop posting these, but I can’t, antisemitism isn’t going anywhere and the hatred only grows.

But it was my birthday this past week, so celebrations happened – not too many pictures, because I was busy living life.

On Saturday, Marsha brought this beautiful homemade cake to the Minyan. It was a very big hit. Chocolate and marzipan. By the end there was just a very small sliver left.

Then it was down to the desert for a few days with friends. the backdrop looks fake, but it isn’t it is very real.

The women took a daily walk in the neighborhood. There is a murder of crows at one specific house, not sure why. We suspect a buried body.

We also walked along El Paseo in Palm Desert. There is something so wonderful about shopping with girlfriends, going into high end shops and just browsing, I did buy a kitchen tool at William Sonoma – a friend bought a cute sweater – but really it was just fun to wander freely through the shops – no time limits -no stress.

This was from the fancy dinner. Which was lovely. the night before there was a less fancy dinner, but it was great as well.

The special dessert.

More chocolate, yummy and so rich, everyone got a bite. One of the couples had just come back from Costa Rica where they learned that without mosquitoes there is no chocolate. Finally learned why we have those nasty critters.

One couple was staying at Shadow ridge, we had brunch there before driving home. You know me, I love mosaics!

Another friend sent me this adorable knitting kit. With everything I need to make a hat and a cowl. As cute as the needles are, I will use my own circulars – I haven’t knit on straight needles in years and if I am making a hat – it really doesn’t make sense.

And that is that, another year around the sun and it’s been a good one.

Another museum!

Also, how much money is being paid to these people to come out 4.5 months later. And many have no clue what happened on Oct. 7. They stepped into the river after that and have no interest in real history. It just feels good to be openly antisemitic – even if some of them say they just care about Palestine. That is all an excuse.

On a rainy day I drove by the flags that the city of Beverly Hills put up honoring the fallen in Israel on Oct 7. One flag for each dead person, mostly Israeli, but representatives of 70 other nations as well. While many cities waste their time with resolutions calling for ‘ceasefire’ (meaning Israel must lose) BH does the right thing and honors the real victims. Bless this city.

Did I mention the kids are over pictures. I think my eyes are closed as well. We went to the Peterson automotive museum on a rainy Presidents day. Us and a few thousand other people who had the same idea. This area is cars from movies. The kids did enjoy seeing a car from Cars.

How about that paint job!

Of course, Einav loved the pink car.

Thank goodness for the kids room, where they could touch and play.

building with lego.

Then racing them down the track.

Playing with hotwheels!

Some of the old cars, that I love

Style, color and design.

A visit to a museum

The left has been trying to segregate us forever by skin color, nationality or religion. Turns out there are good people – regardless of that shit.

My birthday is coming up. So my son suggested we go to the Norton Simon. My favorite museum of all in the LA area (next is the Huntington).

Although Yishai doesn’t remember this. When he was about three, I had a book of shapes colors, numbers. All the images were fine art. While looking at the book, I see that for the number three this is the painting, by Zuberon. So I took the book and him to the Norton Simon and we looked at this painting. Didn’t do much else. So I can’t blame him for not remembering. But he did want to come here – so it must have been in his subconsciousness.

I miss being a docent, but most museums are so woke these days. Although the Norton Simon isn’t – they only hire professionals. At least I have grandkids to share my love of art with. Eyal really enjoyed looking at art.

Einav counting the fish, Eyal at 6 had more patience. Which is fine.

I’m not a fan of modern art, although it is hard to call Braque modern these day. Yes, Eyal saw musical instruments, some that weren’t there – like a piano.

They do have a nice garden, and Einav did love running around.

I could hav spent more time. But it was about the kids. We did go downstairs to see the Indian and Asian art, the next day when I asked Eyal, he remember the ‘head looking in all directions’ A four faced God. And the people with multiple arms. Which is why you show kids art from other cultures – the strangeness of it sticks in their mind.

The kids are over smiling for cameras. Which is who they are. They are very cute, and I’ll take them without smiling for cameras

We stopped at a playground so they could get some energy out. There I saw a one legged girl who was hopping and climbing all over the place. I spoke to her parents, they were enjoying CA sun – since they live in Minnesota. They have 4 kids, two older boys, this girl and her twin sister. The mom just said she lost the leg at birth – oy. But since she never had the leg she is just living her best life. I wondered it because of that her center of gravity is different – so she can hop on on leg – something that people who lose a leg latter in life can’t really do. Anyway, the mom thanked me for coming over and talking and not just staring at her.

Then it was back through the Arroyo to have dinner in town – lovely way to start off the birthday celebrations.

I’m on a puzzle kick right now. Sharing between Elk and my friend Julie.

This one is from Elk and going off to Julie. It was a very satisfying puzzle. not hard at all.

Stringing pearls

Miracles happen, even though most take a lot of very hard work and in this case, two soldiers died rescuing these two men. Which is why I don’t wear the Bring them home Dogtags. I want the hostages home very much, but the families are willing to pay too high a price. In other words – anythings. Which gives Hamas the cover to demand so much more than what the losing side should. We released 1000 prisoners for one Soldier – Gilad Shalit. One of those was Haniya Sinwar – who is the architect of Oct 7. I too would want anything in return for a kidnapped relative. But what is being asked is future hostages. It’s a hard ask. So the war will continue, and more soldiers will die. And that is the life of Israel right now.

For many years now we have been told that hate is very very bad. That didn’t make hate go away. What happened instead is that once Antisemitism became acceptable again – it exploded everywhere – especially in the West. I’m proud of everyone who fights back, I’m proud of every non Jew who stands with us. I have my own level of hate for Jews who stand against Israel – from the ultra Orthodox Neutai Karta who side with people who would murder them in a moment. To the far left -whos’ progressive religion is more important than the Jews. Such is our life these days.

I have many talents that I have cultivated over the years. And yet, I keep learning. A friend came back and asked me to Serge some items for her. I did it gladly, then she mentioned that she is looking to restring some pearls. I can do that. And I did.

I bought a new tool, an electric bead reamer. I have tried to use my manual one – it’s a piece of garbage.

I know that it is much better to be able to string the first and last pearl twice- rather than have the last knot after the last pearl. So I took my time and ordered an electric reamer.

I tried it first with a glass bead – easy peasy. Then I moved on to the pearls. Nature is so much stronger than man-made. Yes, I had my little bowl of water, because the reamer heats up quickly and must be cooled down often. Here you can see that I reamed through. It took a long time, and often the reamer would stop, because I could feel the pearl getting hot. So I only reamed three pearls. Although I was advice to have at least 2 pearls with double cord, I gave up.

the first two pearls with double cord!!! Yay! I made a knot between the first two, then a knot after the second, put a dab of glue and cut the short tail.

Not a great photo. In my research I found a YouTube that gives really good instructions on getting the knot tight. A problem I often have had. There are one or two points were the knot could have been closer to the pearl – but only I know where that is.

I am thrilled with how smoothly this has worked.

Beautifully done!

Don’t look closely at my neck! The pearls though – are great!

Ready to give to my friend to mail off to her daughter. Yes, I will do this for friends. Other people, I’ll charge you.

The Beach

Two soldiers leaving Gaza, the one facing us, is Jewish Rudy, he is hugging his Muslim soldier friend goodbye. This steams the world more than anything – unity, not division – which is what our elites want – divide and conquer.

Another thing they’d love to hide, the respect between Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs, singing this wonderful song at the Grammys. Initially all I heard was ‘cultural appropriation’. Turns out Luke paid full royalties, Tracy won best song writer at the Country music awards and they clearly like each other. But our naysayers hate that, hate the fact that normal people get along. More of this please. Btw, I first heard Tracy in the late 80s’ and was amazed by her voice and songs.

Finally, got Westley to go down to the beach with me. Cameron stayed home. It was so wonderful to be back at the beach, seeing the waves brake over the Redondo Beach breakwater. Not quite as high as during the storm.

I bet the girl volleyball players even came out in the rain. But now, they get some sunshine.

I love the ocean! so peaceful and relaxing.

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the beach. This is Naya, a cute puppy who came down to the beach for the first time.

We ended up collecting garbage on the beach. filled the bag full. Every little action helps.

Back at the house, I drew with Cam. He has some wonderful books, and I followed instructions.

Very good instructions.

I tried for the anime girl as well, I don’t think it is as good as the boy. Then I sent these to Shira – who now has a phone. She was very impressed, she does a great job of drawing anime.

Learning new skills and a day trip

Go watch this video, the amazing Douglas Murray being interviewed. Things have gotten very depressing. Biden wants Israel destroyed – because this war is inconvenient for him. most of the world openly hates us – so having this kind of champion makes all the difference. Although my social group has shrunk a lot, there are people that have never bothered mentioning what is going on. Should I think of their silence as a good thing or a bad thing? In my mind – it’s a bad thing. Because of the lockdowns I learned how few people will stand by my side – so I’m not surprised – just sad and amazed at those who do what is right.

I’ve never wanted to learn Mah Jong. I have my creative groups, the knitters, the stitchers. But when some very good friends asked me to join – sure because spending more time with good friends is really important.

Thank goodness for Westley – he has taught me so many games and how to strategically play them. So yes, there is a lot to learn. But like all the games I play with him, this one will keep my brain sharp. Oh, and I won the first game I ever played!!!

Chicken hawk, sunning in the neighborhood. He then flew up to a telephone pole. At this point he was eye level with me. Quite the beauty, but I wish the hawks and coyotes weren’t on my streets in the middle of the day. We have plenty of open spaces nearby

He is magnificent, he is beautiful, but as I said, plenty of space for him and the coyotes that aren’t on our streets. I hope he ate a squirrel and not someones’ cat.

My friend Julie mentioned a nice restaurant up in Santa Ynez. Lets go! It was a full day trip – so fun.

Cute little town and thankfully the rain came a few days later. It really is wonderful to be able to take a day with friends and go on a mini vacation.

This isn’t where we ate. Just a cute sign. We at at Bar La Cote, a lovely seafood restaurant in Los Olives. The food was great, the company lovely and the service! That is one thing that the lockdowns destroyed – service. It was so nice to have a lovely lunch with really nice service.

We popped into Solvang, the clouds are gathering! Solvang is a cute Danish town, but it is getting rundown. Sure, it’s midweek in the winter. But a lot of stores are closing. Thank you Grusom for destroying California.

The little mermaid in America.

the Kitsch is still here.

We stopped for a Danish and coffee and then drove home. A full day of fun.

The next day, clouds gathering in Hermosa Beach. Since then, we have had 24 hours of very hard rain. Now it is raining, but not bad. The sun will return, if not tomorrow, the next day.


Thank you to the city of Beverly Hills. As the war drags on – it is no less hard then it was when it all began. Most people have moved on, except for the Jews and those that hate us. The hostages are still not released. I wonder how many are still alive. Turns out UNRWA, the UN organization that is dedicated only to the Palestinians – actively participated in Oct. 7. Of course they have been part of brainwashing their youth for over 50 years to hate Israelis and Jews, or maybe its’ the opposite – first the Jews – then the Israelis.

meanwhile, at home:

I laced up Solomons Temple.

I’m embracing the imperfections. I didn’t block this, I didn’t mark off exact lines. I love it – it is handmade by me, maybe I can see where it is a little off- but that is just me.

Went to the framers. This is not one to order online. We tried out a number of frames. I forgot to get a picture of the bright red one – awful, made the red completely dominate – and that isn’t something I need.

Too much texture in this frame – it competes with my work.

Like the dark brown trees that frame the building, this dark frame works. yes, there is texture – but in this case it compliments – doesn’t detract. Can’t explain why, just is.

Here it is, on the wall and I am loving it!!!

Jpl Part II

24 soldiers killed in one day, 21 when a building collapsed on them in Gaza. War is ugly. But seeing what happened on Oct 7 – is even uglier. I’ve been seeing interview with the pro Hamas protesters – they have no clue. It’s fun to be out standing with the ‘underdog’ also – I’m sure there is latent antisemitism there- they wouldn’t tell you that – but why the glee with with they call: from the River to the Sea – or globalize the intifada? Meaningless words – but deep down these young creeps must feel that protesting against the Jews is a very good thing.

Yes, Elon Musk is on the spectrum, yes he loudly criticized the ADL – saying exactly what I think. They used to support the Jews – now they support every single one of our enemies. Good for Ben Shapiro for going to Auschitz with him. What started as an argument has become quite the friendship. We need more of this.

Go watch this music video on You Tube it’s the outliers like the artists and the musicians that get it. I’m not talking about all the crap people that become an industry – I’m talking about real creatives. Like John Ondrasik. 20 years ago he wrote two beautiful songs – Superman and 100 years. There are others. He takes the footage from Oct 7, it runs it in the background of a song he calls: We are not OK. Thank you John.

The Europa clipper is supposed to be launched in October. it will take 6 years to get to the moons of Jupiter. When I was a docent and I’d show kids art work of Greek gods – I’d often tell them that the gods are up there in the sky now. The moons of Jupiter were the illicit affairs he had with women – not his wife. I sort of left out Ganymede – who wasn’t a woman – but wasn’t spared his rape – cuz that is what it all was.

we looked down from the observation deck into the clean room. this is where they are checking each bolt each component. everything to make sure that once it’s off – it functions. Something Boeing is clearly not doing with it’s planes

Working from all angles

I could have watched for much longer – I didn’t there was more to see.

More information about the Europa Clipper. Of course seeing the youth of America these days with the complete inability to see good from evil – I’m not sure this will matter.

Here is the mock-up! I asked Cameron if he wasn’t to build these – because look! They used lego for the model! Nope – he wants to be a lego master.

don’t clip the wings of engineers with all kinds of bureaucracy. Left to their own devices they will solve the problem.

Any of us who have had a chance to work with Pastels have used the top of the line – Rembrandt.

Here is the color code.

Here is the full image, created over a long period. I wish I had taken a close up – you’d see the ticker tape underneath. As someone who cross-stitches – boy can I relate to filing in each square with its’ designated color.

Although the government wants all the credit under the name NASA – it’s all about JPL.

One can schedule a visit – your tax payer dollars at work – go see this amazing place!

A visit to JPL

Even the mouthpieces of the left are beginning to share the truth. Meanwhile, more hostages are found to be dead – of course Hamas would like to bargain with the dead bodies. The mother of that beautiful girl – Shani Louk, who’s body was paraded through Gaza has begged not to have soldiers killed just to bring back her body. What a brave woman. This war will drag on for a very long time, and no-one in the world media cares that so many Israelis are refugees in their own country – not able to go back home, either in the south or the north.

Our friend Sharon works here and offered to give us a tour. Took a while to arrange, but we got here with Elk, Mandy and the two boys. On a beautiful sunny day – the next day, the rains came.

First stop, the model of the Perseverance, the Rover that replaced Opportunity. That wonderful rover that was only supposed to last maybe a year – and lasted 15. This is the exact Replica of Perseverance. Not all that big, but sending ack so much information.

We all loved the tour, well Cameron the least, I’ll get to him later. Elk, being an engineer who has worked for a company that has supplied parts to JPL really got a kick out of it.

All of us, Joel took the picture. And yes, Sharon is a guy- his named isn’t pronounced like the female name. These two had some great conversations.

Just the size of a golf cart -and gathering so much info. btw, a great movie to watch is Good night Oppy, another friend of ours had worked for years on that project – we saw her briefly in the movie. On issue is anthromorphising these machines a little too much. But if that is my complaint – go watch the movie!

The command center that is used for all the missions.

On the left, all the active missions that are in space, Notice Voyager 2 has been up for 46 years and is still transmitting back information. I’m not sure why Voyager 2 is up a little longer than Voyager 1 – but bother up a long time. Perseverance is only up 3 years, Opportunity – died so is off the list. I think the list on the right is things that are being followed within the earths atmosphere.

Images of the telescopes that are tracking.

Some Jet Prepulsion History.

Sharon is now starting a Jewish club at JPL – because Oct 7 woke all of us up. Theodore Von Karman was a Hungarian Jew who escaped to the US – these days DEI doesn’t want to honor any of the heads of JPL – all White men – so it’s time to fight back.

Anyway, Von Karman, was working at CalTech and through the university started a rocket program – later as WWII approached the army got involved – it needed rockets. After the war even Wernher Von Braun, formally a Nazi scientist came to the US and worked at JPL on some of the first Mars programs.

These days CalTech still runs JPL, but Nasa overseas things, so yeah bureaucracy of the Federal government is involved. When Opportunity was built, Nasa only allowed the Nasa sign to be on it. So The engineers got smart and on one of the wheels they perforated JPL in sign language – so now, all over the surface of Mars it says JPL. Don’t mess with engineers – they may be nerds but they get the job done. If you watch the movie the Martian you will see the can do attitude of JPL.

We climbed up the hill to the testing grounds. This is where they put the rovers to as much of a real life test as they can here on earth. Nothing was being tested while we were there. Oh well.

Here is the model of the campus. Up the high part of the Arroyo Seco. Von Karman and friends used to shoot rockets around here, now that Pasadena and La Canada Flintridge have grown around it – they have to go further out in the desert for testing.

Cute bear in the gift shop – no I didn’t buy him.

Our souvenirs were the guest card and a sticker.

More info in the next post.

making smalls

It is hard, it is very hard, we are in the long drawn out war. Antisemitism is back full force and the west has no idea how to defend itself. As we see – all these protests about ‘Palestine’ have devolved into supporting the Houthis is their war against shipping in the west. so next time you need some small item and it’s not available – remember – it was on a ship trying to go through the Red Sea. also, globalism is over.

I started another Tiny Town, this one is tiny, because the scrap I had is 40 count. I did the other two on 36.

Almost done and done. Well, I added the tiny flower buttons after I took these pictures.

There, you can see a flower. I sort of followed the colors, but not really, just pulled threads from my collection.

A blue rooster.

Yes, these tiny buttons are very cute, a good reason to buy the actual kit.

Blue house

Next to the other two, I can see how much smaller the images are.

They are all cute. Onwards!