Flowers at the Getty

I should have taken a picture of the society garlic, I didn’t. There is a wall of this garlic around the central garden, I’m thinking it’s to keep the deer away from all the lovely flowers inside. The deer roam very freely here.

Looking at this image, I did get the garlic, Its’ under the trees, there is a lot of it, the smell is overpowering.

Alongside the succulents and the flowers, are wonderful colorful foliage plants. I’m pretty sure this is a coleus.

Cone flower, yes, I am enjoying the macro lens.

Another one.

The dahlias are blooming and they are a sight to see.

They come in different colors and even shapes, I won’t bore you with all the pictures I took.

A little overexposed, sorry, this is a two tone Agapanthus. Usually I see them in either white or shades of purple – this one had both. Another visitor excitedly pointed this out to me. A garden really brings people together.

The lens is really good, look at the eye on that bee!

I got that plant identifier app and learned that this is the Costa Rican butterfly vine, or bat vine. I then went and got more information online. Nope, I won’t be growing this – it is invasive and not kind to other plants. so I guess this is one I will just visit from time to time at the Getty.

The Getty

While driving my grandsons to my house last week, they pointed out the tram that goes up to the Spaghetti Museum. Have you been there I asked? Yes, but it had been a long time for all of us. So I went online and made a reservation. I have no doubt, this is part of the new normal that will never go away. The idea that one can be spontaneous is visiting anywhere is gone.

We had just gotten off the tram and were about to enter the building, so they had their masks on, otherwise, we are still able to not be masked outside.

The setting and the gardens are what this place is all about. The art itself is meh. Sure, there are a handful of real masterpieces. Maybe I’ve just become jaded about museums. Also, I can go on my own and pick and choose. With the boys (including my husband) their attention span is short, so there is only so much to stand and look at. The image you see here is the large section that is basically closed to the public, administration, library, conservation.

The central garden is incredible, I’ll bore you with a post of flowers next. A stream was created to run down the hill to the central pond.

So peaceful, so serene, so lovely.

This may look like a simple cactus garden, but the work it takes to maintain this is unbelievable.

Attention to detail. The use of different materials, the stone walkway, the rusted metal planter, the succulents… No matter how much I enjoy this – no way could I recreate it. My in-laws from my son in laws side have an incredible succulent garden that rivals this one – they do spend hours a day tending it.

LOVE this image. You can see me and Westley among the flowers with the large pond behind us. This feels like a fairy tail.

Another fountain in the central courtyard. In a city with very little water – water features become a very important part of the design landscape.

The view from up here are amazing. Not so much in the summer when the heat haze makes everything indistinct.

Ah! The smiles! We had a great day.

Looking down at another cactus garden, this one can only be seen from afar. The 405 freeway didn’t have a lot of traffic! Westwood and Century City in the haze. This day was a real balm for my soul.


Yup, I’ve been stitching daily.

My one thread a day. Slow but steady. At times I really just want to work away at this, but no, one thread a day.

Yes, I do expect to finish this this year. If by chance I don’t, I’ll have to decide, do I leave the one or replace with another two.

I slowly am working on both the borders and the peacocks.

Sorry the color is constantly changing, just using my phone, sometimes inside, sometimes out.

End of July, of course I went beyond. I can’t help myself.

I am done with August! So, this segment has three squirrels. Most of this guy was in May, so finishing him was easy.

Here I have squirrel no. 2

The center gave us the option of many different houses. I was trying to download this months charts into my program Pattern Keeper, it couldn’t do it because there were multiples and one chart was much larger than others. Ah the drawbacks of Pattern Keeper. So I used the paper chart for most of the block. Pattern keeper picked up this house, but couldn’t differentiate between the two colors. So I used the electronic chart, but didn’t really mark my finished stitches because it all showed on green color.

August finished and beyond! Yes, there is room for my initials. Jacob hasn’t released the font yet, I’ve seen other people using other fonts, I’ll wait. Also, I have done a lot of the work in September already. I simply can’t help myself. Even though I do have that Tom Foolery to work on.

Yes, I am still loving this. very very much.

working in the desert

The kids are working very hard, yes they are paying for the big jobs, like flooring, painting and tile-work, but are doing a lot of the work themselves.

How cool is this wall! Mandy is great at finding the perfect touches. So we went to help with the kids and the house.

Joel did pool duty.

I did hard physical labor. There was a lot of wall paper left over from that beautiful wall. Unfortunately the previous owner had put down contact paper in the kitchen. Once you remove that (and that was really the hard part of the job, you need to put new paper down, because the stickiness left can really only be removed by sanding…. There are a lot of drawers shelves and cabinets, it didn’t look right to only replace what had paper – so yeah I got very busy. Also notice the floor, it is some new kind of vinyl that really looks like wood. Since dogs and kids will be welcome, this is a great choice.

Mandy has found some amazing things while thrifting, here they are hanging a mirror.

The rug and furniture are new, well, not the brass table, she found that and three smaller ones while thrifting. As she says: Old people move to the desert with their wonderful real mid-century furniture, then they die and the consignment stores are full of treasure.

This mirror isn’t mid-century, but is the correct size, the green and gold colors work very well.

I know, you can only see part of other mirror here, this is real mid-century and it is marvelous. She also found this incredible green bamboo vase. She picked up some dried floral arrangements, at first she just plopped them in. Meh. I took them apart and combined two of them, to make something more pleasing. I couldn’t find tape, so I used bandaids to tape the stems together, I hope it holds…

Here is the other arrangement is a $6 thrift store vase. It is on one of the smaller of those octagon tables.

To complete the 50s vibe they bought a record player, one that also uses blue tooth. But one needs records. I had to buy this one! I grew up on this, Elk is very familiar with these songs from all of our road trips as a kid. Mandy was a little horrified by the songs, oh well, 1965 was very very different from today when it comes to political correctness. Mostly we got swing, big band, different greatest hits from the 50s-70s.

Yeah, I took a picture, didn’t buy this, am I the only one getting a Nazi vibe?

Another one I didn’t get.

It is hot in the desert in the summer, like really hot, I came home with a cold, from all the work and the changes from hot to cold with the AC. Nope, it’s not covid, its a cold (which actually is what Covid is). I’ll survive.

The Palm Springs Tramway

Together with one of our sons and his wife, we have purchased a house in the Palm Desert area. We put up the money, they are putting up massive amounts of sweat equity – to turn the place into an Airbnb. They have had a lot of success in Big Bear and want to expand. More on that venture in another post.

So we went there this past weekend, to see the progress, to help with work and to get the boys out of the way so they can work.

It is really hot there, it was only 106 degrees when we were there, it is more like 116 today. Perfect to spend the money and go up the tramway, 6000 feet up to Idylwild where it is much cooler.

We were greeted by this mountain goat at the Tramway station. How perfect is that! A mountain goat in Hebrew is Eyal, just like my grandson, although he wasn’t with us.

The tramway is a funicular, the engines at the bottom pull down one car and that in turn causes the other car to go up. 2.5 miles is the distance, which is pretty long for any funicular. As we went up, at about the halfway point, we saw the other car coming down.

The cars are circular and the floor rotates, so we made two full circles on our journey. Which is why some windows were open, others weren’t. I took this picture of rocks through the glass. The rock formations are amazing.

We went over five of these towers and the car swayed every time. Especially between the longest stretch of cable. We saw a guy come down on top of one of the cars, they are constantly doing maintenance work. You will notice clouds, clouds mean humidity, so the desert wasn’t really dry heat, it was humid, There were flash rainstorms and floods the day before, and even a little rain down in the desert.

Here is a good loo at the car. There are no seats, you stand, and are reminded to always move your hands to the left if you are holding the railing, because, the floor rotates.

Looking down at Palm Springs as we rise higher.

The bottom station is at about 2000 ft. So, 2.5 miles and over 6000 ft of elevation gain. It was considerably cooler up here. It started at 60 degrees and was in the high 60s as we headed down. A completely different climate.

Family pictures.

I was a little cold! We walked around a lot, so I warmed up.

More interesting rock formations, this time among pine and redwood trees. That is a water tower up at the top. There is a road that comes here, not everything was brought up by tram, but it is a long drive from the desert floor.

Some conservation guys breaking up rocks, really, with those large mallets they were breaking rocks. It looked like they were building some kind of rock structure.

Many trees fall onto other trees.

Others fell across the path, and they had to remove a large section, which we walked through.

Back on the bottom, a water fall, its not called Palm Springs for nothing. There is plenty of fresh water.

The old tram cars, nope, not circular, not rotating.

This is a little hard to see, I only got the picture from the car, to the back of the sign. The sign is right next to the beautiful Midcentury Visitor center. It is a play on Hollywoodland. It says Indian Land, but with the same curve the letters have in Hollywood. I’m fine with this, but it is cultural appropriation. The Indians appropriating from white developers. Why is cultural appropriation a one way street? When white people enjoy something from another future – they are stealing, but it doesn’t work the other way? I miss the days when we were simply enjoying each others culture. Anyway, by the time we got down it was 100 degrees and there was no way we were stopping to see this from the front.

And now, for the interesting details

Cana Lilly, one of our late summer bloomers.

Sunflowers, this one got a little distorted, yet still pretty.

A major close up, these flowers are very tiny.

No takers for these apples. I have to say they were at the end of a cut-de-sac, so maybe no one saw them. You do have to admire the old time basket they are in.

On the same block, a big bear that died. The mom came out of the house as I was taking a picture, I reassured her that I’m not a stalker, but that I love images of unusual things. She told me that they had won the bear at a Carnival and it was the cheapest thing around, she mended it until it became more Frankenstien than bear.

My granddaughter is Shira!!! I had to send her a picture, someone named their driveway for her! Well, probably for their own Shira.

Then for my grandson, some of these water release valves are being painted. This one is CupHead a game or cartoon that my grandson likes very much.

Thrilled to see this in my neighborhood. I couldn’t agree more. I’m praying that we get rid of this dictator, who has given himself dictatorial powers with the pandemic and has no reason to relinquish them. I’m praying that this time the cheating doesn’t work and we teach him a lesson. CA has become a garbage state and we need to save it.

Benches, just because. this one has a nice lemon tree next to it as well as a lending library. So I guess you can borrow a book, sit and read, while the old song, Lemon Tree becomes an ear-worm in your head.

I like the tiles on this one.

I wonder how comfortable these are. Yup, I aimed my camera into someones yard. Very much a low water yard, very nicely done, Gives me ideas for my own front yard.


Trying out new areas to me in the neighborhood. And yes, I see different styles of houses.

Probably the oldest, a Spanish style home, very large, which leads me to think this was built before the neighborhood was divided into small lots. This area used to have hunting lodges for people who lived over the hill in the city.

That is the length of the lot, I think it’s more than two lot lengths.

The stucco, the Spanish tile, it is most certainly older than anything else around.

Mid Century, I’m still not a fan, but I also realize that these will disappear soon and become mcMansions.

I find the side of this house extremely boring, yup, mid-century.

It does look better from this angle. So that block wall is the garage. Honestly, I prefer the garages that are built into the mcMansions.

I know, I’ve shown this crazy painted farm house before. I love the bright colors.

English cottage style. So much better than the mid-century.

Look how inviting this side gate is. Not mad that they have left it open.

Then I came across this old Apartment building. I can’t tell you if it is Asian Style. Most of it is hidden by large trees But if the address numbers are any indication, then it is.

The exploring never ends. My daughter in law tells me that I have an eye for things that most people never see. She is right, I am very observant. Especially when I walk around with my camera.

Enjoying life, not documenting every moment.

I had a party, one of my conservative get togethers. Where people from a variety of backgrounds get to socialize and share their opinions without a lefty thought police coming after us. There were Jews, Gays, Artists, College professor, a partner in a top notch law firm, blue collar workers… enjoying a beautiful evening in the garden with TACOS.

The only picture I took was of Leo, Elba and their daughter who did an amazing job catering the event. Anyone in the LA area who wants a great taco bar at a great price. go to Taco El Botanas, Leo, Elba and their daughter were great. One of the best things aside from the tacos was shaved ice! Well, really the best thing was that I didn’t do much work at all.

One of the guests is the woman who designed the wall paper that started my dining room redo. She loved the room, and how well her wall paper works here. So that was fun, showing off the designer in the room.

Henry brought his one of his gorgeous floral arrangements. Yes, he was aware of the new color scheme. Yes, that is a Babylon Bee mug, I’m a huge fan of theirs. Although it is my husband Joel who drinks from this mug.

So now, it’s playing with my macro lens and some close ups of these flowers.

These purple flowers were easy to capture.

The echinacea, a little harder, in a few days, when the flowers die, I will see if I can root this guy in a pot.

love these sprays of flowers

The artistic image that is so close you can’t really see the flowers.

I’m blessed to have good friends, to be able to throw a fun party and to receive such beautiful flowers

Back to a craft faire!!!

There was a real life craft fair in Pasadena this past weekend! Put on by Jackalope. I have enjoyed their shows in the past and did so this time as well.

Look! Canopies up in the park.

People walking around, enjoying themselves. And shopping, yes people were shopping.

Here is a vendor with her unique little skirt. I say unique, simply because I’m seeing a theme here, with a decorative band and pockets. There were a number of booths selling clothes. Since I sew myself, I passed.

There were plenty of ceramic artists, and yes, I did like their work, but I ended up buying other things. I like how bright and colorful this is.

As was this booth. There were plenty of people selling soaps and body lotions. Well, I get my soaps from my friend in Connecticut, she raises goats and uses their milk for her soap. As I age, my skin in getting sensitive, I swear by her soap. It makes a difference. Goatboy Soaps, highly recommend. I buy a lot of bars at once.

I think these were called dots. either floor mats for babies, or simply as cuddly blankets.

I tried not to take too many pictures, they vendors don’t like it, although they were fine with Jackalope putting up their booth pictures online – since that is how you advertise a show.

So what did I buy?? This gorgeous necklace from Amy Rivka of Arivka. Go take a look at her website. A gemologist who uses fine gold fill wire to crochet the bezels around these stones. The top stone is an American Tourmoline from Arizona and the giraffe turquoise is from The Bishop area of CA. We yakked away, she does beautiful work and her workmanship is exquisite. So that was first purchase.

I should have taken a picture of her booth! anyway, follow the link.

I bought a handmade steel knife, made from old steel tools. The handle is from a Napa valley oak wine barrel. very nice, only issue is it’s steel, I have to clean it right away. But it is sharp and handmade. The man who made was off wandering, his wife makes really interesting link Jewelry from metal links.

So yes, a very successful craft fair.

Then On Sunday I had some women over for a cross-stitching get-together. This is why I’m still on FB, I no longer post on my own wall, haven’t done so in years. I do join groups, and I joined the Southern CA stitchers. I put out the word that I’d like to get together and I have a lovely home to do so. There are 7 of us on the list, two couldn’t make it, but 5 of us had a wonderful afternoon. We are planning our next meeting at a restaurant. No I didn’t take pictures of us stitching.

One woman, Kendra, brought some magazines and patterns, so I’m now building a pattern library.

Or not, I am very capable of getting rid of these if I don’t want them. Right now they are sitting around. No I don’t make ornaments, but who knows what can be done with small patterns.

And now LA county is going hard-core again, masks inside, the craziness never stops. I just hope this causes a few more people to vote to recall Newsom. Sure you can say it’s the LA county health dept, but our dictator governor who is passing all kinds of laws unrelated to health, could step in and say no. But he didn’t. And there is no science behind this. Of course there is no science behind any of the lockdowns.

More Cancun

By the time I’m writing this, we are home. The joy hasn’t faded.

The sky was that blue as was the sea. The grandkids are adorable.

The whole family is amazing.

We were supposed to sail, it started raining so hard!

Here is a better view, the rain was a better bird deterrent than the hawks…

The sun came out quickly and yes, we did go sailing.

Club Med puts up these #s’. Lucky for us someone was there and took all of our pictures.

Slightly closer.

You get the idea.

During the night I think the teenagers came out and had fun and switched out the numbers. It was probably back to it’s official order the next day;

Westley enjoying a very chocolate dessert. The food was excellent, a lot of fresh food. veggies, fruits, fish and meat. As well as freshly baked breads and rolls. I must say, I am glad to get home to my own cooking. Vacation food is lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the kids.

Here we are, Mercado 28, no, I didn’t buy this lady, just fun to take a picture with her.

Vacations are so necessary, it truly recharged the batteries.