Happy Passover

Happy Passover to all who celebrate, I’m busy getting ready for the second Seder, smallish group, yet still a lot of work.

So let me share what I did just a few days ago.

First of all I bought new hiking boots, we are going to Switzerland with friends this summer, time to get good boots and break them in.

I met my friend Elin at The Church at Rocky Peak and set out for a hike.Getting a different point of view of the Church’s cross, I usually see it while whizzing along on the 118 freeway.The trail predates the large gated community, so they are obligated to have a right of way for walkers. ¬†Oh my, what a community it is.Just look at this lion head!The gardeners were working hard, so I got a chance to peak beyond the gates into some of the front yards. Yes, even in a gated community, people put up gates around their own property.…and have gargoyles protecting the premises.Up and out beyond the community, a hazy look back at the San Fernando Valley bellow us.With some obligatory rusted object.Our original plan was to hike to these old foundations of a house, but time ran short, so I got a picture from afar. Next time.It is a large property, the entrance looks like it would have been very impressive.Back to the Church parking lot. You can see why it’s called Rocky Peak. Interesting rock formations here at the Santa Susana Pass.Since I mentioned Passover, here is an obligatory image of the brisket I cooked in the Instant Pot, and yes, it was moist and delicious. Hardly any leftovers, just enough to send home with the CPA son. Great Seder, good company, two of the guests discovered that their mothers were best friends as children. What a small world.




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