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I had heard about the Onion, the Church of the Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society in North Hill. Right here in the Valley.P1120668It is very clear why it is called the OnionP1120670I only took pictures from the outside, I’m sure it looks good from the inside as well. The time to visit is during a service, I’m not taking my camera into someone’s religious service, they are praying, not being a spectacle.P1120669I didn’t do a lot of research about who the architect was or exactly when this was built, my guess is sometime in the 60s. The building has actually aged well.P1120672Sometimes it takes looking, interesting buildings can be found everywhere.P1120741This is what December looks like in the Valley.  We do have a few trees that change color, it may not be New England but it is pretty. Of course right next to the deciduous tree we have a citrus tree full of fruit.P1120742Just like back east, the leaves cover the front yard.IMG_3951This a flowering tree one doesn’t see back east in December.P1120744People have interesting garden decor.P1120743And of course the Christmas decorations are out in force in peoples yards.P1120748Or apartment balconies. P1120745The angle of the sun these days creates wonderful effects on the most mundane items. P1120746Like the light fixtures on buildings.


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