Embroidering the label

A quilt needs a label, something to tell you who made this and when. Even if the quilt is staying with me.  I enjoy some hand embroidery, so out come the reference books.P1050493I found the Embroiderer’s Handbook at Borders when they were selling everything off before going out of business. One of the best buys I’ve made. I know how to embroider, I follow some good embroidery blogs, but this has become my stitch bible.IMG_0476Gathering the materials.  I have started using Frixon pens. The naysays are worried about the image coming back, I’m not. Even if it does, oh well, sometimes convenience and ease is more important that irrational fears.P1050457The Frixon pen disappears when heat is applied. Like an iron. See it works! Unintentionally! I thought I’d iron it out before I went on with my embroidery – big mistake! Luckily I hadn’t thrown away my lettering, so I simply had to recopy.P1050492In the second book I found this lovely butterfly. What is better in the garden? Or the Not garden.P1050491leftover snippets.P1050495P1050499Now it is really done!


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