Not Your Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

This is it, quilt is finished and named, all it lacks is a label.P1050380I love the way the quilting compliments but does not detract, it couldn’t have worked out better.  I think I’ll be doing more walking foot quilting. I know it’s going to be a very long time before I make a full quilt out of EPP.P1050401Back is just as beautiful, most people would call this the front of a quilt.P1050406Hey, this might replace my banner.P1050386Yes, I’m proud of this.P1050394I’ve gotten very good at glue basting the binding and getting wonderfully perfect mitered corners.P1050417Permanent home for the Not your Grandmother’s flower garden.P1050419Ahh!  Well deserved reward!

I have already submitted this to QuiltCon, which is why I named the quilt. Since it is a modern quilt show, I needed a name that reflects using an old technique, but not an old pattern.  I’m very impressed with old Grandmother’s Flower garden quilts, but as antiques, not as something I’d want to make myself.

I think I’m going to do some clothes sewing for a while before I start another quilt.


17 thoughts on “Not Your Grandmother’s Flower Garden.”

  1. The front AND back are so stunning!! And the quilting is so great. I agree, it doesn’t detract from the fabric/layout. It’s really all pretty perfect!

    All of your quilting posts have inspired me to finish up my quilting WIPS 🙂

  2. Both sides are wonderful. I’m just starting my first (little) english paper piecing project. So I’m rightfully impressed by your work here.

  3. Very pretty…having also entered a hexagon quilt (in the MIni category), I am most impressed with the size of this quilt. You can be rightly proud of this…what an achievement!

  4. WOW! Oh so beautiful and I love how the back reflects the front but in a totally different way. A great idea making hexies out of four patches. A winner!

    1. I got the pattern for the back from American Patch work and quilting magazine. Thanks for appreciating both front and back

    1. About 4 months. Initially I could take it with me as a small project, but that ended soon and I could only work on it at home, it got so big.

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